Chicken Satay Stir-fry Recipe

An ideal healthy disk to make in bulk either for weekly meal prep or for a dinner party.

Serves 6

● Chicken 500g
 2 Satay flavour packets
● 1/2 Cup Peanut-butter
● 1 1/2 Cups Water
 1 Large Red Onion
 1 Red Capsicum
 2 Head of Broccoli
● Baby Green Beans 500g
● Sesame seeds to surve - Optional
● Other seasoning or spices - Optional

Meat Prep
Place chicken pieces in an open ziplock bag or between grease proof paper and hit with meat paddle or rolling pin to tenderise and to thin and even out it out for shorter cooking time.
Pat your chicken dry with paper towels, this will ensure the meat become crispy.
Coat both sided of the chicken pieces with one packet of satay seasoning by pouring it onto a plate and laying the meat in it.
Set aside.

Veggie Prep
Cut your vegetables long and thin.
Use the stalk of the broccoli, it's tasty, it's crunchy.  Ignore the way the florets naturally stick out, slice that thing like a green seedy, loaf of bread.
Onion and red pepper; cut in half and length wise.

Get your frying pan hot.

With some oil cook one side of each chicken piece until a ring around the bottom of it turns white. The other side won't need as long.

In another pan, fry up the onion on its own.

Set the onion aside and cook broccoli and the red pepper.

Cut the chicken. It's always going to work easier after it's cooked.

In a bowl of the jar of peanut butter if there's not much left, mix nut-butter, other seasonings and water.

Not hot water because the peanut butter will cook. 

Combine everything together into the larger of the frying pans and let the liquid soak into everything else.

Simmer for 10 minutes or until heated through.
Plate up with sesame seeds on top and you've got a delicious, and satisfying meal.

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  1. This chicken what so ever it is which really not easy to pronounce but really delicious by looks is a must try from now on, thanks for its recipe and procedure.

    1. You're joking right ;) Sa - like Sahara desert. Tay - like Taylor Swift. And yes, You should most definitely give this recipe a go.


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