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Zero-Waste Christmas List 2020

  THIS YEAR I’M MAKING THE TRANSITION TO A LOW-IMPACT LIFESTYLE I started the journey of trying to be more eco-friendly a couple of years ago and since then I have got some real experience of running a home and living off of the groceries that are bought by myself. Now there are also better resources and inspiration to get help with this goal so I’m working out what changes I can add to help the planet. I'm obviously trying to avoid disposable items altogether and repeat purchases that come with a lot of plastic. Much like Grandma has been all the time I've known her. Is it too soon to say I want to be an eco-warrior like her? Maybe I'll just be stepping up to eco-worrier for now. WHAT I DON’T NEED/WANT FOR CHRISTMAS ✗ I already have a few “zero-waste essentials” like a coffee cup, drink bottle, straws, and shopping bags. I’m also quite stocked in the hygiene and beauty departments with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hand soap, body wash and face cleanser all in the form

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