If The Enneagram is Real it cannot be a personality test.

     As far as I am concerned ones personality type is an objective and scientifically observable set of functions, modality and animals that is genetic and unchanging throughout a persons life, known now as their Objective Personality Type, informed by the Objective Personality System or OPS.
     One day, if anyone wants to bother, the chromosome and gene responsible will be located... hold up that’s B.S. because the OPS cannot mutate, it’s mathematically perfect... okay however there is a connection between the genetic profile and personality type it’s not in one particular section of the DNA which leads me to revert to wondering as I always have that personality resides in the spirit rather than the body, which would mean the pain/pleasure responses one has when dealing with their saviours and demons would be a spiritual issue rather than just chemicals in the brain.
     Sorry... let me start again - the Objective Personality System exists, is real, is mathematically perfect, and informs one’s view and interaction with feelings, reasons, the sensory world and intuition; F,T,S,N. those views are either from an introverted or extroverted orientation and a persons interaction with these functions will scale from highly enjoyable and constantly occurring to highly unenjoyable and entirely ignored. The frequent or infrequent use of those functions in conjunction with each other is also what allows a person to be or not be someone who is highly talkative, open to new experience and information, deeply obsessive over their known skills and subjects, reserved, personable, methodical, or willing to go along with surprises. Most importantly wether they are socially introverted or extroverted and observationally introverted or extroverted.
     So for the enneagram to be real and exist in the world as a way of differentiating people the things that are differentiated within it’s nine types cannot be what is already well laid out within the OPS.

Here’s the logic, the argument I am coming to:
● The Enneagram and the Enneatype descriptions have to henceforth stop being generally known as personality types.
● If the Enneagram and the Enneatypes are described as a personality this must be differentiated from that which one would find in the OPS or any Objective Personality Type.
● If a description of an Enneatype includes an expression of the Ennetype relating to any trait or part of an OPS type the other relative parts must also be included (making it twice or four times, or eight times longer of a description).


Because If the Enneagram is to be real the Enneagram and the Enneatype descriptions must be seperate from the OPS allowing any person, of any of the 512 Objective Personality Types, to come to understanding they are one any of the 9 Enneatypes.
Currently and as far as I have observed up to 2020, there is something wrong with the way the Enneagram and the Enneatype descriptions are generally taught and expanded upon and they basically need to be rewritten or a universal description established.

The two biggest problems being
     1. Most descriptions include traits of an Objective Personality Type being mistaken for a trait of an Enneatype. This makes someone of any other Objective Personality Type dissuaded from correctly identifying their Enneatype based on that description.
     2. The inclusion of anecdotes particularly when a person of a particular Enneatype is identified and what is spoken or written about is their personal expression of their Enneatype without the respect of understanding that this person is also always going to be of a particular Objective Personality Type and not all persons of the Enneatype in question would express it in the same way because they are of a different Objective Personality Type from the person used in the anecdote.
     Anyone who teaches the Enneagram needs to also be familiar with the Objective Personality System so that they do not use any of the descriptions and traits that are applicable within the OPS and mistake them for traits of an Enneatype.
     Ultimately a good description of an Enneatype is going to be very simple and conduced to the main personal motivations of the Enneatype, and anyone writing a good Enneatype description will remain very apprehensive to expand the description to include anything that may disclude anybody; any Objective Personality or Personalities. This is in essence why the nine Enneatypes are titled by digits like house numbers around a culdesac, having no specific value or reason.
     The description of each Enneatype needs to, essentially, to at least be open to, allow for 512 different expressions of the needs and motivations that each Enneatype desires to fulfil. This is very hard to do without understanding the Objective Personality System and the differentiation of the parts it describes.
     I have yet to conclude what those good inclusive Enneatype descriptions may be but I can tell you that My brain is wired to catch anything that seems familiar and anything that does not remain general and widely applicable for multiple people, and so when I read or hear an Enneatype being expanded upon I am constantly triggered by undisclaimed ideas about the Type that in actuality limit it to being more specifically for people who would express being that type in a particular way, when many people who could still be this type would not express it in such a way.
     Is this to say that the Enneagram heavily relies on the Barnum effect to actually be real?
     No. In fact the third biggest problem of the current descriptions out their is this:
      3. The descriptions include positive, vague, or generally applicable characterisations that allow many people to want to be identified as the type, falsely.
This allows for people to like a particular Enneatype in one stage of their life and then identify as a completely different type the next time they take a test. And this contributes to The Enneagram as a phenomenon that exists within the human population allowing us to defferencate different types being highly unreliable as a proof or theory or law, and what I am saying would make it real.
     What we are left with is The Enneagram a tool with which people can pick and choose a type to
     a. identify as for superficial reasons in their twitter bio
     b. work on the problems laid out as vices or temptations towards hurting oneself or others which we all have anyway.
     c. take language from in order to describe the multitude of issues most people have within the human experience.
     So another rule:
● Anyone writing or teaching a good description of the Enneagram and The Enneatypes will be carful to not add universal characterisations of humans and so it would be helpful to also be very familiar with the way that horoscopes are written so as to avoid redundancy.

Is there really any language left to communicate the Enneagram that allows people to identify themselves correctly without choosing the type that is describing their Objective Personality or a profile they like because it feels good?

I hypotheses, yes. The Objective Personality is one’s tools with which they will inevitably express the goals put in them as their enneatype, the core motivations and desires.

Within the Objective Personality Type there is the function that deals to the self. I would say the Enneagram goes more deeply into this part of one’s self and offers more reason or value that can’t be known through a code of functions and animals. So at least within the Objective Personality Type there is space to know more about one’s identity that could be where the Enneatype lives.

But there is still a careful road ahead to really picking out the descriptions that can really understand the enneatypes, Just as the work is ongoing to refine the descriptions of the functions and animals within OPS before it can be presented to the world for further research. And I don’t know if I’m the one for the job here but I’ll never know if the work is done correctly without being alongside it.

Let me know what you think? Are there any other problems with the Enneatypes that still need to be ironed out. Does the Enneagram need to be remodelled or just completely thrown in the trash? (It’s been a few years since I first fell in love with it so I am less offended than I was in the beginning should someone attack the whole idea.)

xxo Beka

My Zero-Waste Christmas Wishlist 2020



I started the journey of trying to be more eco-friendly a couple of years ago and since then I have got some real experience of running a home and living off of the groceries that are bought by myself. Now there are also better resources and inspiration to get help with this goal so I’m working out what changes I can add to help the planet. I'm obviously trying to avoid disposable items altogether and repeat purchases that come with a lot of plastic. Much like Grandma has been all the time I've known her. Is it too soon to say I want to be an eco-warrior like her? Maybe I'll just be stepping up to eco-worrier for now.


I already have a few “zero-waste essentials” like a coffee cup, drink bottle, straws, and shopping bags. I’m also quite stocked in the hygiene and beauty departments with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hand soap, body wash and face cleanser all in the form of bars. Plus I have a few other reusable items like handkerchiefs and period products.
I’m no longer (was I ever) supporting fast fashion and instead like to find all my clothes second hand so I don’t want clothes that are new unless they’re from a sustainable brand, maybe they make garments from dead-stock or scrap fabric.
I don’t want or need new stationary, I know it’s a good time for a new diary or journal but I haven’t used the ones I got for the last 10 years and I can finally let it go to rest, I’m not the type of person who is really so organised that things are written down in advance.
I’m also not the type of person to bother putting makeup on. I have a large collection of Nail Polish, Eyeshadows, Jewellery and Perfumes that are still going to take the rest of my life to make use of and unless you’re handing off something dangly so I can use the beads in a craft project I’ll pass.
Note: Wrapping paper also has alternatives to buying a new role such as reusing wrapping paper, news paper, a scarf, cloth, or I’m fine with not wrapping at all.


Rose Gold Saftey Razor by EcoWarrior
Cora ball from CaliWoods
Toothpaste tablets from CailWoods or EcoWarrior
Bamboo container in Pink by EcoWarrior (I found it in Countdown)
Silicone Baking mat
Something homemade
Something sustainably made, in a reusable container or without packaging at all
Something vegan I might like to try
Treat foods in compostable packaging like Trade aid chocolate
Refillable Oil sprayer
Cutting Mat & Rotary Blade (I’m currently into sewing a lot)
Zigzag Pinking Shears
Straight Dress Makers Shears
Refillable lighter


Rayon fabric and other materials
Vintage and patterned sheets to sew with
Overlocker/Surger Machine

* * *

The INTJ Obsession Routine | Part 2

On August 20th 2020, the day after I posted my last video that was about my unique INTJ way of being obsessed with things I had a new motivation. A shot in the arm to say “Right! Going zero-waste is important and I don’t want that on the list of things that I seemingly abandon.” So for the next while my focus was learning more about and practicing sustainable living. Fortunately, at this time in the world, more people are trying to live more sustainably and people who are sharing their journey on YouTube which I see as highly valuable resources for learning and help to figure out how to do this for myself. I have been sharing what I’ve been doing on my Instagram if anyone’s interested in how I make my almond milk and what I’ve managed to put in my own containers.

Relating back to this video and the questions it proposed of why my consume habits are as they are I can say that it was around October 20th 2020 that I was ready to move my focus from Sustainable living in a general sense with broad applications. That’s 2 months of learning about bulk shopping, recycling, homemade recipes, composting, secondhand shopping, gardening, et cetera, and now I feel things shifting. Maybe it’s because this new project or projects are going to be time-consuming but I don’t feel myself wanting to lump this in with the previous subject of Zero-waste even though it very well could be included.

Because I haven’t learned to implement sustainable habits into my life only to abandon them I would always have been a problem of not knowing when to draw the line as I would be able to name any future projects as low-impact or sustainable projects and it would be hard to say when I have moved on concerning this INTJ obsessiveness that I consider a phenomenon enough to write about for a blog post about personality.

But here we are. The last week is when I have felt the obsession switching. I no longer want to watch videos about basic zero-waste supplies, nor understand more about where cotton and plastics actually come from. But there is a definite segway at work here from the previous subject. And like I mentioned in the video my focuses have got to a stage of recycling old things that I already have in my IxxJ Box so this is something I have done before.

What direction do you think my obsession will take from here?

The answer: Sewing. Sewing my own clothes with dead-stock fabric and linens found in thrift stores to be specific.

So before I start sharing all the things I’m making, while I have fabric waiting to go into the washing machine, I thought I’d update the list of recycled obsessions to include sustainability and maybe we’ll all start to see a pattern emerge that not even I have stopped to think about as I continue to build my Ni/Fi demon Sleep world. It would be easier if there were wider category that all my hobbies fit into so as to be more understood when people when they ask ‘what are you into?’ But maybe that’s too complicated to get saviour Introverted iNtuition to consolidate itself.

So far I’ve been able to respond simply to the question: ‘what kind of job are you looking for? with ‘I want a job that I can easily wrap my head around and get on with allowing me to come home and work on whatever my hobby of the month is.’ At least that makes sense to me but it’s a concept that still doesn’t let anyone know what I’m really thinking. Plus now I know that at least I am not so fickle that my hobby changes every month. Potentially what’s happening is something like 2 weeks to consume and another 6 weeks to implement with one last intermission week until I’m ready to consume again.

Considering I have Ni and Te as double-activated saviours it may be fitting to say that my hobbies are all related to construction as I’m now thinking about constructing clothes, before that I was constructing houses in TheSims 4 and getting a degree for constructing songs. But I can’t very well say “I’m into construction” cause that’s going to make people think I’m a builder… you know what I have thought I could build my own tiny house.

Alternatively, I might just be able to say I’m just into creative things and I can get over it if I think that’s too clique; my enneatype in the bohemian after all.

To be continued…

XO Beka

INTJ Struggles of building a YouTube Channel

*** Here for your understanding of the FF-NI/Te-BP/S(C) Female Type ***

Question 1: What are the steps to getting a new video published?

First I’ve got the idea of what the next video is meant to be about because while I’ve been at work I’ve written down enough examples of the thing happening on receipt paper.
I’ll have to find all those notes on my bedside table among the other shopping lists and note to self’s and maybe if past self was nice they’ve all been collected without too much trouble.
Next is the notebook stage; the information exists in a notebook that I transferred the list of things to along with some added commentary and examples.
If I want to put in more effort the video script is then written on a pages doc but the last time I did this it was too difficult to use the computer screen as a teleprompter and I was in a mood at the time of filming so it pains me to think I have to do it again. At least that way the script can be reused as a blog post.
Then comes filming which.. wait no the bed isn’t made, ISFP husband has taken my tripod and the camera isn’t charged. At least I have a supply of bulbs for the filming lights if ever they need changed.
So after those sensory things are sorted out comes the filming.
No, wait I haven’t done my makeup or put in the chunky earrings or put on a shirt that hasn’t been in another video.
If I’m in the right mood it’s all done in one take. If I’m not in the right mood... this is why I plan for filming to happen on my days off cause I’m going to need more time.
Editing the video. It happens. I’m fine with hearing my own recorded voice that’s something everyone needs to get used to, I’m a singer so it happened pretty early on. The main goal of the editing process is to cut out the mistakes and get it down to 10 minutes or less because that’s what ISFP consumer husband recommends for people who don’t know anything about the subject. But he’s not the target audience and I don’t know why I’m listening to him.
So while the file is being processed I’ll stick a screen shot on Keynote to make the thumbnail, and it’s hard to find a good frame where my mid sentence smile doesn’t look too creepy so I get back in front of the camera to take a photo... but I filmed this yesterday and my face and hair is different, so awkward looking thumbnail it is.
When I go to YouTube to publish I’m apparently a fan of fixing the closed captions as well. Not only do I write the whole script but I edit the subtitles as well, I’m defiantly over doing it but this is saviour Blast. It’s at least necessary to edit the first few lines of the theme tune cause AI is not going to pick up the language of a personality type, “Double feminine Ni Te Blast Play Sleep Low Consume” tends to read as ‘Loop Eminem n I te hee best-equipped opens you’ so it’s not going to work for everyone if deff people can’t learn about OPS too.

Question 2: Why don’t you upload regularly?

The video process is easy enough and it can be even simpler if I want it to. The problem is that I get caught in the mental anticipation of who is actually going to watch this? Who cares? oh my god I have a new subscriber, now I’m letting more people down cause they obviously want more. I don’t even know if I want to do this... of course I do I want to be famous - I mean helpful. Cut it out, BRAIN SHUT UP!!!
Is it a Demon Sensory thing? The physical caos of it all. Am I that scared of using the computer and the camera and the internet? Of course they can have their problems but I always imagine (based on experience) all of the problems coming up at once. Actually yea I am that scared of Se that I won’t make a video in months.
I reckon if I was an ENTJ with my top functions switched the Te would be far more desperate for validation and I’d be more willing to do the thing I said I’d do for other people that it would motivate me to get the information out their at more cost to my feelings about it.
But I’m not. I’m a single observer.
And then I don’t want to share anything anyway cause I feel too personally about my theories and the things I like (Ni and Fi).
And I don’t feel like I have control over the things I’m interested in. I am going through the phases every month or so and I’ll only want to really do something for a whole week and I’ll burn out quick, so maybe those 4 or 5 videos were the only ones I was ever going to make.

But that’s a whole other topic for next time...


A Christian Perspective on Personality Type

Welcome to My Perspective, a series about The Objective Personality System which is both a company and research team founded by Dave Powers and his partner Shannon working out of Portland, Oregon USA and its another name for the code that is actually at work within human behaviour giving each of a unique personality depending on the parts that form our natural perspective. It’s what Carl Jung was observing, what Myers and Briggs were seeing parts of, and it’s what you see at work when people just don’t do things the same as you.

With all love and respect, I have a problem with one of Dave’s theories. It’s not a problem in the code just the idea that intuition and logic are functions that separate us from other living things as an evolutionary pathway. Sure that makes sense that your feelings about something are more arbitrary, you could say animalistic, and sensory isn’t particularly hard to process, a lot of animals can understand "that’s hot," "that’s wet," and "that thing is going to kill me." 

But I just don’t think we humans we previously an animal that grew a brain for working logic and intuition, like what might be taught in Neurology 101.
In my worldview, Humans were never previously related to any other beings. I believe we were put on the planet complete and perfectly designed to function for their purpose.

I’m going to come back to this point but first I’m going to get really nerdy about Darwin's theory.
The main problem is there's no known natural mechanism that builds and creates new genetic material; natural selection and mutation are off the table as no-one has ever seen these processes change one type of animal all the way into another.
Natural selection and mutation are NOT processes that add new intelligent instructions into the DNA- They will accidentally repeat, delete and kill off sections of genetic code. resulting in the poodle no longer being capable of shedding hair making life in the wild rather difficult without haircuts, and improper use of antibiotics allows for increasing populations of bacteria that no longer have the ability to produce the enzyme that mixes with the antibiotic and kills it. 

When studying Typology I have to pose the question: why do personality types even exist if naturalism and evolution is a correct assumption about the origin of animal types? Macro-evolution would be a series of billions of accidental genetic developments that slowly turned space rocks into broccoli, fish, tigers and Donald Trump. Did it really happen that non-living rocks, that laterally can’t do anything, over time turned into to humans that can breathe air for oxygen, digest food for energy and minerals, fight sickness with an immune-system, raise hairs in the cold, produce sweat in the heat, repair themselves when cut and injured, and have you been through puberty? Our bodies know what to do when triggered by hormones and the results are dependable- that’s why they don’t have to update the weird documentary we all had to watch in health class. I do think we came from the ground; all the elements in the human body are found in the earth's crust layer- but I don’t believe 'the animals in-between' part of the story. Neither do I think it was chance.

Charle’s Darwin said himself that the dependability of his theory relied on finding all the missing links buried within the earth. He believed if animals had developed from a common ancestor the animals that were the in-between stages should be found. He knew his theory needed evidence and hoped that we would somehow find the half-t-rex/half-chickens, and the half-ape/half-humans, and the half-cat/half-dog. And yet what was later found in the fossil records was the Cambrian explosion, every skeleton or fossil can be classed as an existing type of animal and the supposed hybrids have also been re-identified as fully developed animals of a known type. This includes "upright monkey" Lucy who was just an ape and our beloved cousin the Neanderthal who is totally human and you’d be racist to say otherwise. There’s no substantial links between any two existing animal KINDS, let alone ALL of them. In the same respect, although changes and interbreeding are possible at the level of species it is impossible to conceive hybrid creatures between animals that differ on the family level. And that is not for lack of trying.

I’m an NT and I’m able to marry an SF without anyone thinking there’s anything weird or cross-species about that. No-one will ever reasonably say “owa you and Levi are going to have such cute, mix-raced babies.” Even if the resulting populations have been guided through Evolution by an intelligent force the theory is still an unscientific unsubstantiated claim about the past, it has never been observed or measured and instead the opposite is so, most cases of evolution seen today is a loss of complexity or genetic potential.

The theory of Objective Personality and it’s many coins and facets are also far too organised to be the result of an accident. Everybody consistently shows two saviours and two inferior functions. Those functions are always one observer and one descider. The top function has it’s opposite on the bottom of the stack. Dave and Shan have typed thousands of people and they’re confident that everyone fits into this pattern and they can laugh at how predictable it gets. Here we have another case of specified complexity.

I even posit there’s potential for the scientific community to ignore or reject Objective Personality and the existence of the code at work in our behaviour because it has persuasive power against the theory of evolution. I recommend those who agree with a chicken before the egg origin story are the target partners to make Objective Personality go forward. Because the system is seems to be bound by mathematical laws I would go bother the mathematics departments because there are not so many atheists in that field, they are used to seeing amazing things that can’t exist without an intelligent cause.

I could be here all day because there are more arguments to build the case that the biblical worldview better fits the realities that are observed today but those are in a playlist, linked right here.
So if not Evolution then here’s my explanation for why the code of personality types exists based on presupposing that Humans are entirely unique beings and are perfectly designed for the role they are meant to fill.

We were made by God and we happen to have personality types that are being detected by typing, therefore, Humans were made by God to have personality types as they exist and operate in our brain, mind or psyche today.

Why is it that we are handed 2, and only 2, tools to function that we feel most responsible to use. 2 out of 4 counting Feeling, Thinking, Sensory and iNtuition. 2 out of 8 when we see that introverted versions are different from extroverted versions; particularly because they are linked to different human needs. And it’s 2 out of 16 fictions if you count the masculine and feminine, or stubborn and persuadable, expressions that also make entirely different people.

What is the benefit of us being this way?
How does this best situate us as individuals and a collective? It affects it emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and morally.

An important thing to consider too is that this isn’t a perfect world anymore although it was supposed to be. We’ve become irritable and greedy, and envious and that should certainly disrupt what God intended for how our types play out in our lives.

I offer 3 answers to start this conversation and you can put yours in the comments.

  • 1. I see that this forces us to be in community
God made man in his image and one of the ways we are like him is that we need relationships. This is to love and serve each other.
It’s understood that Humans are social creatures but if we could easily do all the functions I don’t think we would rely on each other so much.
Being confident with a function that someone else is not so good at gives an opportunity to fill in the gaps for them.

Also or if we were walking about with only observations and no opinions or no observations and all opinions that would massively affect the human experience within society. People would be so much more annoying and maybe this is the only way we can have any friends.

  • 2. I see that it give us somewhere to grow
Humans have quite the problem of thinking that they are fine as they are. Until a few tidal-waves hit. The tasks we’ve neglected come to bite us in the ass and this may be a necessary reminder that we are not God. We’re not in control. I know that the Christian life, and life in general, includes seasons of testing and struggle and that’s often for a reason. Like Paul said, suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character and character produces hope. Also if we came out perfect "what would there be to do in life?" says the blaster. I don't know if I could handle the increased arrogance.

  • 3. In the absence of strength or perfection, I see that it leave us still needing to rely on God.
We were made because he is the God of Love and wanted people to share a world with. And we can rely on God because of who he is; plus he can probably do all the functions really well.

Wherever you are on your hero’s journey you would do well with the support of the one who gave you life and the type you’ve landed with. When it comes to the many pathways for integrating your personality and I would encourage that God already knows the path that’s best for you to become the person you’re meant to be. He will help you grow and be prepared for your purpose in the right time.
A personal example: in 2014 the guy I was seeing got a word from God, he heard him say the kind of relationship he could have with me would make him smile the most of any other match, but it would also be a bigger challenge. How is a non-intuitive, 19 years old boy supposed to know that about a girl he’s very silly and blindly in love with? Then 6 years later we’re married and I’m desperate to understand why we seem to just pull in the opposite direction all the time. I start to learn to type, make a guess and Dave confirms us as an Ni/Te and an Fi/Se, total opposites. For us, the path to integration has included marrying our inferior functions. As a team, we’re a full stack. Although there’s still a lot work to do I’m pretty optimistic moving forward. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to do that but for the areas God wants you to grow he will supply the lessons to teach you, and he’s there with you the whole way.

So to summarise, My perspective is that God has made Humans and our personality types, with the code working as it does from the beginning. And this
  • Forces us to be in community
  • It give us somewhere to grow, knowing we don’t have it all together
  • To leave us still needing relationship with God- because where I am week, he is strong.

And where I am a nerd, Jesus loves me while I learn to not scare other people away.

Please consider signing up on the home page if you haven’t already. In the new series I’m going to move into sharing personal experiences with the different parts that are in my personality type which should be eye-opening if you're in any way like me or different. It’s fun for the whole family!

Until then,

xo Beka

15 Mindblowing Secrets About The Bible

In the last year, since I got baptised, my entire historical and spiritual worldview has been challenged and rebuilt. Some things I had wrong because I hadn't actually thought them through properly. Other things were wrong because my first exposure to the bible was through the child friendly versions in picture books. And other things were off simply because of traditional church teachings that aren't actually found in the scripture if you read it properly.

This is list of some of the things that I finally came to understand that completely reshape how I'm now perceiving God and the story of bible. Let me know in the comments how many of these secrets you already knew and share this article so others can be more prepared before they enter the arena of biblical history and bible study.

#1. When the text reads "the LORD" in capital letters this is really a placeholder for God's actual name.

I found out after I had already grown up in Church that the God we were singing praise songs to actually has a name other than 'God.' It's Yahweh. This name is literally translated "He Is" and it is the form of God's name that he told Moses to refer to him and to tell the Israelites to refer to him. God calls himself "I Am" but Moses recognised that this would be awkward and so God agreed that we should call him 'He Is'.

At the very least it makes better sense in this passage from Exodus 3;
God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”... “Say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers...has sent me to you.’ This is my name forever, the name you shall call me from generation to generation.

If Yahweh is the name people are to call him for all generations and was originally written in this verse then it should probably include that name but it's usually not there and replaced by LORD.

#2. God was in the story as a human all along.

When John writes his intro to his Gospel of Jesus he says a few things that aren't so easy to understand without being immersed in the biblical view of theology and instead exposed first to the limited church tradition's explanation of who is being referred to.

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us."

This is the weirdest thing to say if you didn't know already that the word is a person. But that's what you see in the old testament.

God saying things to people in the old testament was hardly ever a loud voice from the sky but that's the picture I had for a long long time. The Lord often showed himself as a person and sometimes they called him Yahweh, sometimes the Angel, sometimes the Word.

#3. Verse & Chapters were Added for Reference; They are Not a Quote Guide or Reading Plan.

When I was studying for my degree I took three research papers that went into extreme detail about how to appropriately quote text from another author in your own writing. This has helped me see that the verses and the chapters in the bible are not inspired, not part of the literary design that the biblical writers intended, and not perfect quotes of spiritual truth to be removed from the surrounding context. The numbers were added by a man named Robert in the 1550s. And knowing these things I am set free from the rules I believed surrounded quoting the bible.

Anyone should feel free to quote any part of the text they wish to in whatever way they like. The verses in the bible may make the text look like its already cut up into perfect quotes and is suggests that you cannot cut them smaller by only siting half a verse. They also make it look like you can't paraphrase a section or quote seperate lines that aren't usually written one after the other with an ellipses to link them, but that's how any other text is allowed to be quoted in formal and informal writing.

The verses and chapters are a convenient universal way of letting someone else know where you found the quote you might be sharing, but when you actually read the bible you should try to pretend those numbers are not on the page at all.

4. People's names tell important details of their character.

Have you ever wondered how the first humans came up with names for their children? I have. They didn't have a book of baby names to choose from; they had their language. They named their children using words, often referring to their birth story or identify something about who they are.

Check the footnotes or a concordance for the meaning of biblical names because this can tell you important secrets about certain characters and and their family story. It can open a world of interesting details you wouldn't have otherwise realised.

5. The Manuscripts have a Few Differences.

The english bibles that exist today are only possible because their were copies made of the first publications of the biblical texts. In the time of Jesus all synagogues each had a copy the law, wisdom literature, and writings of the prophets. The Samaritans also had copies. And before Jesus time, there were copies made for those who spoke Greek. Later copies were made in Latin. The scrolls would have become so warn out as they were read every day by so many people who didn't have their own copy at home, and this encouraged continual copies to be made. The threat of losing the bible should conquering nations destroy them was another reason more copied were made.

Along the way a few simple errors were made by the scribes and other differences between particular copies have been so drastic that there are theories of intentionally changing things. Of course these differences are not big enough to cause you to doubt that we still understand what the original Hebrew bible really said, but there are still a few things that remain that translators have to decide what version they believe is the version they should print today. Good bibles will include what it otherwise says in different manuscripts, and I actually find it fascinating to see what people are still arguing over.

6. Translation From Another Language is Misleading when we Don't have Equivalent Words.

In English birds, beasts, and fish don't actually include all types of animals in modern scientific classifications, while for the Hebrews they only had three categories based on where the animals live. This is why Jonah was able to be swallowed by a fish that was a whale; because the Hebrew language has a word only for all things that swim in the see while today mammals include dolphins, bats, and sheep who live in all three places.

So when something doesn't make sense in english you can check the translation for yourself with a Hebrew or Greek dictionary. It should be more widely understood that the best selling book in the universe is a translation from dialects that nobody speaks anymore. This is why there are a multitude of verses that you have to take with a grain of salt, but understand that your translation won't be far off, it'll be in the ball park of what the original author meant.

7. Divine inspiration isn't the Holy Spirit Taking over.

All scripture is divinely inspired, that is why we claim it can be authoritative and why it gets twisted to say it was written by God. But God isn't the author, he entrusted humans to communicate his ideas in their own way. Inspired by the Holy Spirit still means the authors can express their own interpretation of the revelation with whatever language style and literary devices and metaphors that they wanted. God also knew their vocabulary before he untrusted them with his message. It is still a human book along with it being God's word.

8. The Bible is Edited.

The way that the books are structured is intentional and meant to provoke thought for its meaning. Not only did the authors write and record what they were lead to record, they have often put specific stories together to teach a lesson or make a point. This is what it means to study the bible to find the layers of meaning that has been intwined by the biblical authors and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes the message is found in seeing similar stories one after the other; Daniel includes a story of Daniel and his friends' faith being tested, followed by a story of the friend's faith being tested, and finally a story of just Daniel's faith being tested.

Sometimes the message is found in stories being paired that completely contrast each other; Numbers 11 intertwines the story of some people being judged for speaking against the Lord while others are blessed, given the spirit of the Lord to do their work that was for the Lord.

Other times there is a theme that links stories in seperate parts of the bible using a certain phrase or a number; any time the number 40 shows up in the text you should understand it is a time the Lord had set apart for his people to be tested.

What helps is knowing that these things are actually there so you can look for them. The version that became the bible probably wasn't the first draft and because of this we should respect the work that Moses and the other writers put into creating the biblical texts by searching for all the 'easter eggs' that they put in there.

9. The Bible explains there is power behind other religions.

The reality of lesser gods apart from Yahweh and their power is a necessary part of seeing the stories about witchcraft and worship to other gods make sense. All the talk about idols and other gods is reference to the real entities; fallen angelic beings. Even the legends of demi-gods in Roman and Greek traditions come out of the giants who were half human, half angel, while their mothers became sirens according to the Hebrew mythology laid out in the book Enoch.

I used to believe the Romans fully plagiarised the legends of the Greek deities because they were so similar; but actually they just had different names for the same gods and these cultures were in agreement with the existence of these beings. I took classics in high school and this should have been made clearer by my teacher. I also should have read my bible more so I would have recognised those gods as they are also referenced when the Israelites abandoned their worship to Yahweh to chase after Baal, the Queen of Heaven; Ashteroth and these very "deities" later became known as Zeus and Hera.

There was power behind these other legends and Moses knew it was because at the time the nations were scattered from the city and tower of Babel. Deuteronomy 32 isn't even Moses' own words; that was one of the actual times when an author just dictated something God himself wanted to compose for the book.

Also it means, more than ever, that there is a kingdom of darkness that I shouldn't touch.

10. Yahweh's Marriage Proposal to His People is Very Intimate.

This leads out from number 9 because it shows God's heart for his people that he wanted to get them out of Egypt, not only where they were treated as less than animals but where the spiritual powers had authority over the geography. He had to bring them to a place where the land was not already allotted other gods, a place that was clear and safe from spiritual attack and the coercion of other lying spiritual entities (I'm guessing, but this is based on the work of cosmological geography that Micheal Heiser presents in his books)

Then when finally God had rescued these people he asked them to be his people, asked to be their God and if they say yes he will live with them and be close to them; this is very personal and there's supposed to be a way that you can see this is incredibly romantic. He's the God of love and at times he can be a big softy. However this means whenever his people later go and worship other gods it's really very heartbreaking that they break their promises, their vows, and Yahweh's jealousy is completely justified. That rejection is real, and that feeling of being replaced when other beings receive the worship of his people... it's devastating, and he has every right to be upset. Thinking about Yahweh being jealous and being made in the image of God is one of the ways we can see he's not distant from our suffering, we can relate to him a lot.

11. Salvation was Available Before the Cross.

I was 'saved' more than ten years ago and that was because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. I knew his dying in my place was enough to cover all my sin and allow me forgiveness and relationship with the father. But for those who lived before Jesus' life time they wouldn't have heard this so how could they be 'saved'?

I knew a lot of people at least assumed that Adam and Eve would be in Heaven because they would be the only ones without bellybuttons, so I wasn't worried for the people in the old testament. However; Why? How do they get to go to Heaven if they didn't accept Jesus sacrifice for them? The answer is sacrifice. Believing on the life and blood of a lamb and believing that the Lord would see it as enough to cover their sin. But this was all symbolically pointing towards a future sacrifice that would really be enough to do that.

Adam and Eve accepted God's sacrifice of a lamb to cover their sin. Noah made sacrifices of a lamb. Abraham too. There was salvation before the cross because these were a symbolic foreshadowing to the future sacrifice of the Son.

12. & 13. The Israelites spent less time in Egypt than you think, while the decedents of Noah had children later than you think.

The numbers are wrong in a lot of our modern bibles. Yes, I'm aware that anybody saying "the bible is wrong" sounds crazy but there are a number of good reasons this looks to be the case. Three of the main manuscripts; the greek septuagent, samaritin pentituke, and latin valgatesay in Genesis 11 that Shem's son Shela, his son Heber, his son Peleg, his son Reu, his son Serug, and his son Nahor had their children 100 years later in their lives than another manuscript describes. That more recent manuscript, the Hebrew Masoretic is believed to have been changed intentionally by Jews who didn't like Jesus, and so they cut 650 years out of the biblical timeline between the flood and the building of the tower of Bable and it actually cuts out the time that is necessary to allow the population to have grown enough for there to be a sufficient number of workers to build that city.

This later manuscript is also the reason why movies today will say the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, but there isn't allowance for that in the real historical timeline. That number is actually taken from the warning that was given to Abraham; "your descendants will be mistreated for this long,' and it started with his own son Isaac when his older brother was laughing at him. Thus begins the clock the 400 years ended when Moses was an 80 year old, third generation Egyptian immigrant. The actual slavery was for a fraction of that time.

14. The nephiliem were a consistent problem and the reason for the flood.

Here's a paraphrase in the Hebrew words in Genesis 6 to more accurately explain what was going on:

The nephilim came to be because fallen angelic beings had children with human women. Continued inter breeding meant the people were only capable of absolute evil and it was distressful and miserable for those living on the earth. Yahweh was heartbroken over the ruin of his creation. He wanted to wipe the earth clean of this corruption. Yahweh's grace fell upon Noah. Noah wasn't totally evil; apart from those of his generation he was complete in his humanity, and he had relationship with God. 1'066 years after the first nephilim entered the gene pool, the earth was fully corrupted and violated. God said to Noah "I am bringing an end to all of this, so build an ark for you and your family to escape this..."

Do you know what is not in the bible? The people who were later destroyed being given the chance to come on the ark and mocking Noah for suggesting that it's going to rain when they had never seen rain before. That idea was taught to me in a book that told the story of the flood with pictures of the people taking the time to laugh at Noah while he was building his ark.

That idea is completely made up by people who think that those who were destroyed were just being a bit naughty yet were redeemable and should have been extended the opportunity to repent. No, they were absolute savages. Their existence was a plague to the human race. They were murderous, cannibals and rapists and if you're going to make assumptions about them interacting with Noah while he was still building the ark then imagine them trying to kill Noah and his family. It's not mentioned in Genesis anyway so it's more likely that they just didn't give a stuff about what Noah was up to because they were so busy violating God's good creation. And it wasn't rain that God promised to send. He said flood waters. It was an earth shattering explosion of water from beneath the surface of the earth and a huge out pour of water from the sky. That's not what rain looks like. Rain doesn't come from the ground and lift boats above the heights of mountains.

That's really not a story for kids. But, what a salvation of the Lord! That he would be heartbroken over the corruption of his earth and need to start all over with the one family who remained capable of having human offspring. The dread I used to feel needing to justify why God would destroy all the humans on the earth; but he didn't, the humans were saved while those who were destroyed were physical and genetic threat to the human race.

15. God is the main Character of the bible.

If the bible was a play, then Yahweh has the most lines. He's in the most scenes and has the most monoluges and rants. He is involved in the story most. His decisions drive the plot and he's the most important figure.
If you ever thought that the point of reading the bible was to somehow identify with the human characters then let me remind you, it's not top priority.
The main thing you are meant to get from it is understanding God and his character, his heart and his plans for the world. Cheering for him when he is victorious and heartbroken when people reject him.

You might not have noticed this before because he never goes through any character development; he's immutable and has always been perfect so he doesn't need to grow. But as I read his story I fall in love with him and understand him better.

You will be the one who changes as he pulls you along.