My 2016 Highlights.

I don't want to be a negative black hole but my chemical balance is currently far from allowing me to be bouncing from wall to wall like I wish I more often were. I say, goodbye 2016 and good riddance.

● Passing my Full License
● Spontaneously buying tickets to the Blue Neighborhood Tour
● I learned more about myself
● Explored Minimalism (I'm probably going to fluctuate with the idea until I can find the right balance for my consumeristic habits)
● I Blogged (I'm so happy with this beautiful space I have here on the internet where I can do whatever I like)
● Cut My Hair (It has been miles long since I was 10 and finally I stopped thinking it was everything to me)
● Completed a Diploma in Contemporary Music (Just one more year for a degree)
● Designed My Perfect Post Planner (which is soon going to be ready to share with you other lovely blog-lovers)
● I installed a new printer in my room (That was perhaps more exciting than seeing
Troye Sivan)

Ultimately this year was a pair of dirty socks. I can't really say I know why but I'm a bit over studying and this time I want to be on top of my assignments. I have new stationary and calendars so I shouldn't miss anything like my best friends hen party. Yea, whoops.

I hope your reflections on the last year aren't as bad as mine. A resolutions post is on its way so don't worry, I'm looking forward with my head up.



  1. Wonderful post! Happy new year. x


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