Life Update - I think I Have A Diploma!

I have unofficially finished course for the year and if I was working towards a diploma I wouldn’t have another gruelling year ahead. I’m happy to have that achieve as much as I have. This time next year I'll be posting about having a degree. Hopefully. I was done with all my papers yesterday when I presented my portfolio and handed in the first jingle I've ever intentionally written. I can share one of the songs with you if you like, just tell me so down below. Portfolio pieces are only demos, work in progresses, but I shouldn't use that as an excuse to not share my work.

Levi and I have survived 2 years together. It hasn't been easy, I'll tell you that. Ultimately I've learned so much about myself along the way and I know for sure I can't say that I'm in anyway perfect. Sharing everything with another broken human was never intended to be a walk in the park. The thing to remember is to draw strength from each other and be as open as possible. We've had our highs and our lows and I'm simply grateful that he still wants to hold my hand.

The latest addition to the family home and the B&B that our mother so wonderfully runs; A Freaking Hot-Tub! Smells strongly of new plastic at first, but having this this right outside my bedroom isn't such a terrible thing. I remember the plans for the house, made 13 years ago, intended for this space to be home to a spa and finally that dream has been realised.

Now I'm off to find a job, hopefully at the book shop. I'm free for the next 4 months and I should be posting more regularly, I have plenty of posts planned so if you aren't already you should give me a follow and join the family.
The Christmas tree was almost put up this week too but it's not time just yet is it? We don't usually get into the spirit of Christmas so early and Mum wouldn't have it. Haha.



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