Tayna Burr's Pumpkin Cake-Pops.

I had a go at Tanya's Pumpkin Cakepops and it was actually my first time making any sort of cake-pops. My specialty is simple cupcakes, so this was a new endeavor. I followed the recipe from Tan's book and found my sponge cake to be a little lighter in colour than hers in the video.
In New Zealand we actually eat real pumpkins. Americans are of course use to only getting a can of pre-whizzed pure for their sweet pumpkin pie every Thanks Giving. So to make your own pumpkin puré measure out 100gms of pumpkin and chop it into small chunks just a couple inches each way and steam it on the hob over boiling water, or actually I suppose you could do it in the microwave with a glass dish and shallow water directly in with the pumpkin. Don't worry about removing the skin because once the vegetable is cooked it is easy to just scoop the skin off. It should be done in just 20-30mins and once the skin is off pop it into the food processor.
I also don't have a cake-pop stand, so stuck mine in a lemon, which was in the middle of a large blow of dry rice. Fantastic being behind the scenes, isn't it?! The rice kept the lemon from slipping, and the lemon kept the cake-pops from slipping as the heads sat above the top of the bowl at alternating lengths for maximum bowl rim usage.
I also couldn't find edible glitter but I made up for it with different coatings of white chocolate, and later transferred them to a glass jug to serve.

My family really liked them, and I'm excited for what other recipes I'll try next from Tanya Bakes. I shall keep you posted.



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