Pet Peeves.

I have a number of triggers that make me ticked of, but here's a clear list so you know why I may be annoyed at you.

Having a dead leg. So painful.
Forgetting my ID card, and not being able to get into the building where I study.
When phones auto-complete, badly. With repeated issues. Really we should have stopped developing technology before it did that.
Sleeve slipping into the tap stream.
Phone alarm going off in the cinema. That's just embarrassing really.
When someone tells you what happens in a movie.
Itchy face when your hands are in the dish water.
Itching your face and smudging your makeup.
Having to yawn. It's always when I'm in the middle of speaking. so inconvenient.
Objects making noise while rolling around in the back of the car.
The table being set with the knives and forks the wrong way around.
People who don't indicate.
Chairs being left out.
People thinking I will listen and understand when they speak to me, but I'm watching TV or videos.
Wet hands. I just hate water being unconfined, and wet hands leave a trail of it.
People coming uninvited into your room.
Borrowing my car and leaving it in gear. Cause I leave it in neutral, and will otherwise begin by stalling.
Pronouncing it Nike. It's ny-key
When bf, Levi has left his rubbish or other things in my car.
Clocks that are broken or the wrong time, but no one fixes it.
Poetry. if it's all metaphor, I will scream. So uncomfortable.
When a person is inaudible because of direction.
        Communication skills. If you yell across the house, you have none.

Can you relate to any of these things? We don't always have to be happy, sometimes the world is too much and being annoyed is okay.



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