new year, new hair.

❥ I'm the sort of person who likes to put labels on myself. Such like introvert, ginger, and YouTuber.

❥ I'm the sort of person who isn't afraid to chop off her own hair, either.

❥ I'm the sort of person who likes a have measurable success.

❥ The sort of person who doesn't want to be wrong.

❥ I'm the sort of person who likes to be clever and have a well-versed vocabulary.

❥ I'm the sort of person who gets very involved in fiction. Likes having control and hates being told what to do. Doesn't like doing things out of order, and often needs their own space. Who enjoys sharing their knowledge, and performing in front of an audience. Who is creative but is bored to madness by poetry. Really, it makes me want to punch people in the face.

❥ I'm the sort of person who wants to work things out and solve problems.

❥ I'm the sort of person who is very sensitive. And who takes on board what everybody else thinks.

❥ I'm the sort of person who can quickly get sucked into what everybody else is doing and believes, just because everybody else is very enthusiastic about it. But guess what?? Anything can be popular or fashionable if any number of people like it.

❥ I know that it's already February but I have finally decided on my new years resolution. This is something that I need to learn in part of growing up. This is something that will be really necessary in this particular year while going into my second year of a Bachelor of Contemporary music, majoring in Songwriting.

I am going to stop caring about other people's opinions.

❥ I'm not going to care about what my friends think. I'm not going to care about what my boyfriend thinks. I'm not going to care about what my family thinks. I'm not going to care about what you think. I'm not going to care about what Zoella thinks.

❥ It doesn't matter what I have promised in the past, I am going to do or not do what makes me happy.

❥ It doesn't matter what I am good at or what I have tried to do in the past.

❥ It doesn't matter what could happen in the future; I DON'T CARE!

❥ I don't want to be considered selfish, but nobody else is living this life except me. And nobody should ever get to, this is MY life.

❥ I don't care what is mainstream or indie, popular or small. I am going to love what I love and I am going to hate what I hate.

❥ It doesn't matter what the future holds because worrying about won't fix promlems or make me happy or get my ass into heaven.

I'm already going there, I can't even change that if I wanted to.

❥ Whether it's fear or disinterest that makes me not keep up with the news, I don't blimmin' have to if I don't want to.

❥ Whether it's cliche or not I say that I'm in a time of self-descovery.

❥ Whether it's not the norm in this country or not I can be a Christian.

❥ Whether it's overdone or original, I can make any video for my YouTube channel I like.

❥ Whether it's smart or unproductive, I can procrastinate in doing my assignments.

❥ Whether it's a pipe dream or realistic, I love the idea of being successful as a Singer/Songwriter.

❥ Whether it's impossible or achievable, I want an audience who interacts with me.

Do you get the picture world? This is me telling you to suck it.

I am who I am. You can't actually change that. I can't change that. And I choose my opinions over yours. I choose what I want over what anybody else thinks.

And my opinion is that I like the image above a lot, I'm very clever with visual design stuff. And I love my blog, I've done a great job with the redesign and I'm very smart to have worked it all out so well.



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