my first week back.

Hello and Welcome!! To my sad and fantastic life, where inside I feel like a loser and I am going to write all about it so I can laugh about it. So read on and you can laugh with me too. These are some of the things that went through my head during my first week back at polytech for the year which is otherwise known as mix-up week with a flash mob and all years of the degree performing together in the Beatles themed, Friday concert. For me that was soloing in 'Yesterday' and I backed for 'Hey Jude.'



I didn't have to show up until 1 so I was able to blog around, and make a new friend before I left. Said friend is And her excepting my request gave me lots of good feels.
Later: I talked to the class and made jokes and afterwards I was a bit shaken up. that's what I get for trying to be funny.
Then: cried over Rodriguez the bear because I don't want to live with someone who has different interests, I won't be understood or loved by them.
"Let's just hope that tomorrow sound better."



"I don't want a first year saxophonist telling me how to learn my vocal part. Seriously I should know my own methods by now".

"Did I just flirt with her? If she is she a lesbian I did. Is she gay?"

"I like Hollie's coat."

"I'm the one trying to look like a fashion blogger, but instead I'm just bleeding."

"I wore myrainy day outfit on a sunny day, while yesterday it was raining. Why did I ever think this town was going to be kind to me?"

"Levi, seriously how could you not have noticed that my hair is shorter? If I had a bob before, I would be bald!"

"Why don't I just keep my blog for fun things and my YouTube channel for music, like it was always meant to be. And then, screw editing, cause l'm really sick of it."

"I could go home and watch the Duff."



"My braclet is very jangly and pretty, but is that really the style I want to be going for?"

"Dang it, I didn't watch the Duff yesterday"

"Yay, I get to take Levi's socks off for him."

"Runescape is really not a typical interest of a girly blogger, is it? well I don't even play anymore, do I."

"Yay, Levi and I are going to the beach to swim with and be eaten by sharks."

"Thank God, we went to the river instead. The local beach here is rough and just not nice - I should know I spent christmas in Auckland. Beaches there aren't scary."



"Okay it's the day of the flash mob. I wonder if anyone is going to be surprised, considering we do this every year."

"Wow, 6 RTs for my insta pic, and heaps of likes. Alright so actually using my instagram makes a huge difference."

"Ow, my nails look good."

"If the entire music department were not backing me up right now I would sound like I'm just shouting. This is not the right way to sing but what choice do I have, no one will hear me."

"I suppose scabs are like a natural bandaid. But, how in the world did my other ankle get sore?"



"Hit the kerb, and then when I get out of the car drop my bag strait into the road. This is a great start to the day."

"I should have my own fabric grocery bags; I'm old now so I should care about the planet. A plastic bag is going to break anyway with 3 leters of juice in it."

While on stage: "Did I just sing now it's hooking like they're here to stay? Seriously, my troubles are hooking!!"

"Come on Cristina, sway with me! I want to sway so you should sway too."

"Oh my gosh, this stupid phone is driving me crazy!! I'm getting a new one."

"Hey, didn't I post last week that I am not going to be overwhelmed by other people's opinions?! Then I am not going to feel bad for spending money or nor enough money, nor feel wrong for getting the Samsung Galaxy J5. I't a very sexy phone so Levi just zip it."


Overall I think I had the best O-week I could have. I am excited to have a new phone for use of my instagram at least so while we're at it I would love if you followed me; @BekaEllenMusic

Tell me about your week. or the one ahead. I hope it's a good one. What lessons have you learned? I learned to not wear uncomfortable heals. Ever.

I am still recovering.

I can't wait to hear from you.



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