Micro Mac 'n' Cheese

This is a recipe I have always wanted a copy of after staying at Grandma's place. She always made it the best and to this day, even though I'm the one who makes it now, she still is. The source in this twist of mac 'n' cheese is quite think and it's an extra treat to be able to scrape the oily remains from the plate.
Have a go at making this comfort food and you won't want to go back to your old method for a while.

How to make it:

3L Casserole Dish - preferably glass but just remember this is going in the microwave.
100gm Butter - Yum, Grease!
2 cups Macaroni - But please, I mean the medium size. You can get mini ones but they don't do well at going soft.
1 teaspoon Garlic Salt - I know right, there's all types of salts these days.
3 cups Boiling water - So go fill up the kettle. Overly soft pasta is better than hard; believe me.

Put it all together and set the microwave on high for 12-15 minutes. If the water is all absorbed before 15min then you might want to add more from your kettle. Try a bit to see.

Papa's tasting trick: When testing boiled food that is too hot, run it under cold water.

    While the macaroni is cooking
3 cups Grated Cheese - any kind you like taste, Edam, Colby or a mixture
3 Tablespoons Flour - white is best and choosing whole meal won't make this dish any healthier.

Mix the cheese into the macaroni and melt back in microwave for 2 more minutes.

Garnish with a generous amount of Parsley. If you like parsley then here's a chance to go wild; it won't spoil it, I promise.

Serve with your dish of choice, be it bowl, plate or a mix of both and indulge.

Click here if you want me to make it with you or to make sure you didn't miss anything.



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