welcome to my blog.

However you came to find my blog I just want to tell you that you are amazing and I am very excited you are taking the time to read it.

Hello I'm Beka Ellen. A small-town indie girl from the bottom of New Zealand. I know right, You're thinking 'Crap, has she got her work cut out for her!' Because you see what I want from life is just to be able to support myself with my music. Because if I'm honest; I don't want to get a job, I would rather have the time to write and sing and play guitar. I mean hello, I have talent here. I know at this point I may not be spectacular, no-dry-eye-in-the-house kind of deal, actually I do make people cry - my parents at least and a woman in the audience of my last concert - and no that wasn't because I was bad - But really I want to pursue the idea that 'if you find a career that you love doing then it doesn't feel like work". I've done the dishes at home, that's enough working for me.

On a more serious note, not that I've been joking around, I know that if I work at it then this will happen. I love my music. I have only ever received positive feedback and a lot of people have said they would buy it. And that will happen when I release something I believe shouldn't nessaceraly be free. Because so far I technically have already released a Double-Sided Studio Single, an Acoustic EP and a Live EP.

Really I don't want to do it for money (I'm sorry if saying these things make you uncomfortable, I know that Cambodians at least won't be), I do however NEED to be known. The only item on my bucket list that I won't leave to chance (yea, that's right, I'm 18 and I have a bucket list - I do understand the older persons who look at that as getting a little over excited) is that I want to sing with Ed Sheeran. Then again that would only happen by chance. But I do have the perfect song already. So what I am saying that I am doing this for - the whole working to be a real singer/songwriter - is the connections with people, sharing with an audience, inspiring others to actually not push their dreams aside and to work for them, to make friends with people who have the same passion for music, to continue to gain skills and work with some incredible artists along the way. And then maybe one day I'll be able to say that "I'm a professional musician." Yes, I'm ticking off my ten thousand hours and so far I'm just loving it.

I want the chances to perform for real audiences. For now I can really only be found on the internet or my bedroom floor. Or on my bedroom floor whilst on the internet. So I think this is the point of this post; Does anyone have any advise for spreading my name around? I do have all the social mediums like Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. And then I have the ways to actually show this talent of mine to the world through YouTube. but I don't know how to play the game very well- right now the number of followers I have (over all of these websites) is under 600 people. And really if you know much about Social media, you'll know that this is really not very many and no where near enough to start anything moving.

To play the sob-story card, It really is depressing but I feel that really no one cares. Of these people 99% of them ignore everything I say and do. There have been a handful of truly amazing people I've had interaction with that have been so brilliant and supportive. So I don't want to drag this down too much, but If you think of anything please tell me, how should I approach this idea and need to "gain fans"?

Until I have my music in iTunes and on the radio - Yes I am going to tertiary study to up my experience and skill points - I would like to build a little anticipation maybe, so that that may be well received when It does happen.

Thanks for your help in advance :)



  1. WOW, your story is really inspiring, I'll be sure to share it with my friends! I believe I found you when scrolling through the blogspot tag on tumblr, and I have to say, your blog looks AWESOME!! Could you please check out my blog as well? it would mean the world! Thanks so much! J :) x


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