The INTJ Obsession Routine | Part 2

October 26, 2020 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

On August 20th 2020, the day after I posted my last video that was about my unique INTJ way of being obsessed with things I had a new motivation. A shot in the arm to say “Right! Going zero-waste is important and I don’t want that on the list of things that I seemingly abandon.” So for the next while my focus was learning more about and practicing sustainable living. Fortunately, at this time in the world, more people are trying to live more sustainably and people who are sharing their journey on YouTube which I see as highly valuable resources for learning and help to figure out how to do this for myself. I have been sharing what I’ve been doing on my Instagram if anyone’s interested in how I make my almond milk and what I’ve managed to put in my own containers.

Relating back to this video and the questions it proposed of why my consume habits are as they are I can say that it was around October 20th 2020 that I was ready to move my focus from Sustainable living in a general sense with broad applications. That’s 2 months of learning about bulk shopping, recycling, homemade recipes, composting, secondhand shopping, gardening, et cetera, and now I feel things shifting. Maybe it’s because this new project or projects are going to be time-consuming but I don’t feel myself wanting to lump this in with the previous subject of Zero-waste even though it very well could be included.

Because I haven’t learned to implement sustainable habits into my life only to abandon them I would always have been a problem of not knowing when to draw the line as I would be able to name any future projects as low-impact or sustainable projects and it would be hard to say when I have moved on concerning this INTJ obsessiveness that I consider a phenomenon enough to write about for a blog post about personality.

But here we are. The last week is when I have felt the obsession switching. I no longer want to watch videos about basic zero-waste supplies, nor understand more about where cotton and plastics actually come from. But there is a definite segway at work here from the previous subject. And like I mentioned in the video my focuses have got to a stage of recycling old things that I already have in my IxxJ Box so this is something I have done before.

What direction do you think my obsession will take from here?

The answer: Sewing. Sewing my own clothes with dead-stock fabric and linens found in thrift stores to be specific.

So before I start sharing all the things I’m making, while I have fabric waiting to go into the washing machine, I thought I’d update the list of recycled obsessions to include sustainability and maybe we’ll all start to see a pattern emerge that not even I have stopped to think about as I continue to build my Ni/Fi demon Sleep world. It would be easier if there were wider category that all my hobbies fit into so as to be more understood when people when they ask ‘what are you into?’ But maybe that’s too complicated to get saviour Introverted iNtuition to consolidate itself.

So far I’ve been able to respond simply to the question: ‘what kind of job are you looking for? with ‘I want a job that I can easily wrap my head around and get on with allowing me to come home and work on whatever my hobby of the month is.’ At least that makes sense to me but it’s a concept that still doesn’t let anyone know what I’m really thinking. Plus now I know that at least I am not so fickle that my hobby changes every month. Potentially what’s happening is something like 2 weeks to consume and another 6 weeks to implement with one last intermission week until I’m ready to consume again.

Considering I have Ni and Te as double-activated saviours it may be fitting to say that my hobbies are all related to construction as I’m now thinking about constructing clothes, before that I was constructing houses in TheSims 4 and getting a degree for constructing songs. But I can’t very well say “I’m into construction” cause that’s going to make people think I’m a builder… you know what I have thought I could build my own tiny house.

Alternatively, I might just be able to say I’m just into creative things and I can get over it if I think that’s too clique; my enneatype in the bohemian after all.

To be continued…

XO Beka

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