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August 02, 2020 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Welcome to My Perspective, a series about The Objective Personality System which is both a company and research team founded by Dave Powers and his partner Shannon working out of Portland, Oregon USA and its another name for the code that is actually at work within human behaviour giving each of a unique personality depending on the parts that form our natural perspective. It’s what Carl Jung was observing, what Myers and Briggs were seeing parts of, and it’s what you see at work when people just don’t do things the same as you.

With all love and respect, I have a problem with one of Dave’s theories. It’s not a problem in the code just the idea that intuition and logic are functions that separate us from other living things as an evolutionary pathway. Sure that makes sense that your feelings about something are more arbitrary, you could say animalistic, and sensory isn’t particularly hard to process, a lot of animals can understand "that’s hot," "that’s wet," and "that thing is going to kill me." 

But I just don’t think we humans we previously an animal that grew a brain for working logic and intuition, like what might be taught in Neurology 101.
In my worldview, Humans were never previously related to any other beings. I believe we were put on the planet complete and perfectly designed to function for their purpose.

I’m going to come back to this point but first I’m going to get really nerdy about Darwin's theory.
The main problem is there's no known natural mechanism that builds and creates new genetic material; natural selection and mutation are off the table as no-one has ever seen these processes change one type of animal all the way into another.
Natural selection and mutation are NOT processes that add new intelligent instructions into the DNA- They will accidentally repeat, delete and kill off sections of genetic code. resulting in the poodle no longer being capable of shedding hair making life in the wild rather difficult without haircuts, and improper use of antibiotics allows for increasing populations of bacteria that no longer have the ability to produce the enzyme that mixes with the antibiotic and kills it. 

When studying Typology I have to pose the question: why do personality types even exist if naturalism and evolution is a correct assumption about the origin of animal types? Macro-evolution would be a series of billions of accidental genetic developments that slowly turned space rocks into broccoli, fish, tigers and Donald Trump. Did it really happen that non-living rocks, that laterally can’t do anything, over time turned into to humans that can breathe air for oxygen, digest food for energy and minerals, fight sickness with an immune-system, raise hairs in the cold, produce sweat in the heat, repair themselves when cut and injured, and have you been through puberty? Our bodies know what to do when triggered by hormones and the results are dependable- that’s why they don’t have to update the weird documentary we all had to watch in health class. I do think we came from the ground; all the elements in the human body are found in the earth's crust layer- but I don’t believe 'the animals in-between' part of the story. Neither do I think it was chance.

Charle’s Darwin said himself that the dependability of his theory relied on finding all the missing links buried within the earth. He believed if animals had developed from a common ancestor the animals that were the in-between stages should be found. He knew his theory needed evidence and hoped that we would somehow find the half-t-rex/half-chickens, and the half-ape/half-humans, and the half-cat/half-dog. And yet what was later found in the fossil records was the Cambrian explosion, every skeleton or fossil can be classed as an existing type of animal and the supposed hybrids have also been re-identified as fully developed animals of a known type. This includes "upright monkey" Lucy who was just an ape and our beloved cousin the Neanderthal who is totally human and you’d be racist to say otherwise. There’s no substantial links between any two existing animal KINDS, let alone ALL of them. In the same respect, although changes and interbreeding are possible at the level of species it is impossible to conceive hybrid creatures between animals that differ on the family level. And that is not for lack of trying.

I’m an NT and I’m able to marry an SF without anyone thinking there’s anything weird or cross-species about that. No-one will ever reasonably say “owa you and Levi are going to have such cute, mix-raced babies.” Even if the resulting populations have been guided through Evolution by an intelligent force the theory is still an unscientific unsubstantiated claim about the past, it has never been observed or measured and instead the opposite is so, most cases of evolution seen today is a loss of complexity or genetic potential.

The theory of Objective Personality and it’s many coins and facets are also far too organised to be the result of an accident. Everybody consistently shows two saviours and two inferior functions. Those functions are always one observer and one descider. The top function has it’s opposite on the bottom of the stack. Dave and Shan have typed thousands of people and they’re confident that everyone fits into this pattern and they can laugh at how predictable it gets. Here we have another case of specified complexity.

I even posit there’s potential for the scientific community to ignore or reject Objective Personality and the existence of the code at work in our behaviour because it has persuasive power against the theory of evolution. I recommend those who agree with a chicken before the egg origin story are the target partners to make Objective Personality go forward. Because the system is seems to be bound by mathematical laws I would go bother the mathematics departments because there are not so many atheists in that field, they are used to seeing amazing things that can’t exist without an intelligent cause.

I could be here all day because there are more arguments to build the case that the biblical worldview better fits the realities that are observed today but those are in a playlist, linked right here.
So if not Evolution then here’s my explanation for why the code of personality types exists based on presupposing that Humans are entirely unique beings and are perfectly designed for the role they are meant to fill.

We were made by God and we happen to have personality types that are being detected by typing, therefore, Humans were made by God to have personality types as they exist and operate in our brain, mind or psyche today.

Why is it that we are handed 2, and only 2, tools to function that we feel most responsible to use. 2 out of 4 counting Feeling, Thinking, Sensory and iNtuition. 2 out of 8 when we see that introverted versions are different from extroverted versions; particularly because they are linked to different human needs. And it’s 2 out of 16 fictions if you count the masculine and feminine, or stubborn and persuadable, expressions that also make entirely different people.

What is the benefit of us being this way?
How does this best situate us as individuals and a collective? It affects it emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and morally.

An important thing to consider too is that this isn’t a perfect world anymore although it was supposed to be. We’ve become irritable and greedy, and envious and that should certainly disrupt what God intended for how our types play out in our lives.

I offer 3 answers to start this conversation and you can put yours in the comments.

  • 1. I see that this forces us to be in community
God made man in his image and one of the ways we are like him is that we need relationships. This is to love and serve each other.
It’s understood that Humans are social creatures but if we could easily do all the functions I don’t think we would rely on each other so much.
Being confident with a function that someone else is not so good at gives an opportunity to fill in the gaps for them.

Also or if we were walking about with only observations and no opinions or no observations and all opinions that would massively affect the human experience within society. People would be so much more annoying and maybe this is the only way we can have any friends.

  • 2. I see that it give us somewhere to grow
Humans have quite the problem of thinking that they are fine as they are. Until a few tidal-waves hit. The tasks we’ve neglected come to bite us in the ass and this may be a necessary reminder that we are not God. We’re not in control. I know that the Christian life, and life in general, includes seasons of testing and struggle and that’s often for a reason. Like Paul said, suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character and character produces hope. Also if we came out perfect "what would there be to do in life?" says the blaster. I don't know if I could handle the increased arrogance.

  • 3. In the absence of strength or perfection, I see that it leave us still needing to rely on God.
We were made because he is the God of Love and wanted people to share a world with. And we can rely on God because of who he is; plus he can probably do all the functions really well.

Wherever you are on your hero’s journey you would do well with the support of the one who gave you life and the type you’ve landed with. When it comes to the many pathways for integrating your personality and I would encourage that God already knows the path that’s best for you to become the person you’re meant to be. He will help you grow and be prepared for your purpose in the right time.
A personal example: in 2014 the guy I was seeing got a word from God, he heard him say the kind of relationship he could have with me would make him smile the most of any other match, but it would also be a bigger challenge. How is a non-intuitive, 19 years old boy supposed to know that about a girl he’s very silly and blindly in love with? Then 6 years later we’re married and I’m desperate to understand why we seem to just pull in the opposite direction all the time. I start to learn to type, make a guess and Dave confirms us as an Ni/Te and an Fi/Se, total opposites. For us, the path to integration has included marrying our inferior functions. As a team, we’re a full stack. Although there’s still a lot work to do I’m pretty optimistic moving forward. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to do that but for the areas God wants you to grow he will supply the lessons to teach you, and he’s there with you the whole way.

So to summarise, My perspective is that God has made Humans and our personality types, with the code working as it does from the beginning. And this
  • Forces us to be in community
  • It give us somewhere to grow, knowing we don’t have it all together
  • To leave us still needing relationship with God- because where I am week, he is strong.

And where I am a nerd, Jesus loves me while I learn to not scare other people away.

Please consider signing up on the home page if you haven’t already. In the new series I’m going to move into sharing personal experiences with the different parts that are in my personality type which should be eye-opening if you're in any way like me or different. It’s fun for the whole family!

Until then,

xo Beka

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