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How To: Start Interpreting Your Dreams

March 12, 2019 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Over the last few months I have been studying Dream Interpretation through a number of resources. I have completed a course lead by John Paul Jackson through Streams Ministries; Understanding Dreams and Visions. I've learned so much and grown in my faith. As I am now in the intermediate stage of experience in dreams and visions I've created a public form for people to send in their dreams to be interpreted. I mean to email back my response as soon as possible, and free of charge.

If that sounds like something you'd like to try you can send me your dreams here.

I thought in this post I'd explain some of the questions on the form that are there to help me understand the dream.

Suggest a Title
The idea behind suggesting a title for a dream is that it will highlight the parts of the dream that you think are most important.

Numbers are symbolic in dreams. The date you had the dream may be part of the whole story.

Is it reoccurring?
Having a dream multiple times means that you still haven't worked out what it means. The message that the dream holds hasn't been understood properly in order to help you with your destiny.

Colour Scheme
Knowing the colours or lack of colour in a dream can help to identify the source of a dream; is it from light or from darkness.

Where were you in relation to the action?
Whether the dream is happening directly to you or if you are observing the events happen to somebody else can help to identify who the dream is really about. Sometimes you might have a dream about doing something with others and those people may be mixed in with the message on the dream.

Lucid Dreaming
Being able to understand that you're dreaming and being able to manipulate the scene may directly link to one's development in the things of a spiritual nature.

What feelings were evoked?
The way you feel in a dream is actually part of the whole experience. If you feel good then I can use that to understand that the dream is also good. If you feel bad in the dream, it may identify a dark presence is involved. It should also help to identify what type of dream this was.

Who is in the Dream?
Listing off the cast members of a dream can be very helpful for understanding the interpretation because there are different things that may identify what a person is really there to represent. It could be that the dream is really about them or depending on their name or relationship to you they could be leading you to a particular destiny.

More on this in an up coming post, How to: Interpret People in your Dreams.

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