$10'000 to be a Music Blogger

May 27, 2018 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

This is my journey of investing in, and building my skills and qualifications. No I don't have a simple answer to the question "What will you do with a Bachelors Degree in Music?" I am mostly making up my own path, but I am currently entertaining the ideas of assisting and co-writing with other songwriters from beginner and up, as well as transcribing original songs and adding arrangement for those who are weak in writing scores but want to take them to musicians who require sheet music. Also theory tutoring, and all of this over the internet.

What I've done in the past to get to this point and with these options now in front of me, has included making some sacrifices when it comes to where I get to put my money. In no way am I saying everyone needs to do it exactly like I have but I thought it might be interesting to account the following transactions.

Also note, this is all in NZ Prices and it's not everything that would add up to the ten thousand I've stuck in the title but it really it like that.

2003 - 2007:

Various streaks of Singing lessons - Because no kid really understands what they are doing with their body and how it affects the sounds coming out of their mouth. $40 per term... $500 ish. (Thanks Mum).


Ashton Acoustic Guitar - To learn to play and begin writing songs - $270


Guitar Lessons - because self-taught is unprofessional and i couldn't manage it quite yet - $40 per term: $160

Capo - because fashion and because begginner - $40


MacBook number of years old - handed down

Fan replacement opperation - becuse whirring sound and clicking sound started happening - $200

Web Domain - to launch own website - $10

Website hosting - to promote debute album and offer free download - $150 for 2 year period

Studio Time & Engeneering of Demos - Wanted to release an album - $200

Barcode - Wanted to sell album - $59


Signa Acoustic/Electric Guitar - Need to switch to a plugin when gigging- $500

Trumador Acoustic Amplyfyer - to have own PA when gigging in cafes et cetera - $400

Ashbe Microphone - for own full PA system - $100

Jack-Jack audio cable - for Gutiar to Amp - $16

XLR audio cable - Microphone to amp - $32

Microphone Stand - for own full setup - $175

Guitar Capo - other was missplaced - $40


Shure Beta 58 Microphone - Industry Standard; on the supplies list for ansemble - $299

Canon 600D EOS - High definition film for YouTube videos - $750

MacBookPro - Garage Band to record demos & iMovie to edit YouTube Videos - $1499

Apple Replacement Care - Laptop might stop working - $250

Web Domain - Anual renewal - $10



Filming lights - for more controlled filming environment - $400

Cannon; Vlogging Camera - nolonger living at home; can't borrow mum's, need something lighter than DSLR - $500

Web Domain - Anual renewal - $10



Blog Template - website contract ended; Finally understands how to use blogger to look good - $ premium price???

DNS - rather than host own website, redirect domain to blogger - $20

Sibelius 7 - free acsess to the program at school will end, plus it's great to have at home - $300 (student price)

Web Domain - Anual renewal - $10



DNS - Annual renewal - $20

21.5" iMac - Laptop broke - Price of MacBookPro became store credit +$350

Please ask me if there's anything you want me to give further details about. Use the comments box; I'm pretty sure you know how.

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