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30 Blog Post Ideas on My Bucket-List

November 07, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 5 Comments

Here's some ideas that I've had for post ideas that might be coming in the future. If any suit I don't mind if you use them. I also have for you The Blogger's Bucket-List. As bloggers there are certain things we like to do to keep it interesting, not just writing posts but making amazing content for sharing with our readers.



☆ Songwriting Tutorial
Because that's what I do.

☆ Film Review
I LOVE movies, so why not.

☆ An Interview with someone cool
Show of hands?

☆ Story Time
 Boy! did I do some weird stuff in high school.

☆ How the heck did I get through a degree?
Still in research mode for another year and a half.

☆ Create Something useful and downloadable
I love when other people have free stuff so I want to give back. Also, I love being creative so this might be my thing too.

☆ A Daily Thought Log Entry
That would be funny.

☆ Any Collaboration
Seriously, hit me up, I'm looking for blog partners to share this with.

☆ Best Photography Pieces
I already have hundreds of pictures that should be shared, of an up and coming model so...*buffs nails on shift*.

☆ Share My Recording Experiences

☆ Advise Piece
I'd love if you send me your queries and Qs.

☆ My CV
I've never gotten round to it so if I do it here first well that's progress.

☆ My Life Story
Since I've moved on from making YouTube videos I doubt I'll really do an 'I draw my life.'

☆ My YouTube Experience
Why I don't upload much anymore.

☆ Full On Q&A
I do need questions for that too. What do you think I should tell you? What do you want to know?

☆ A Love Letter to my Readers
Because I think you are really very special.

☆ Create a Quiz
Everyone thinks quizzes are fun right?

☆ What's In My Bag?
With a twist, obviously.

☆ My Old Diary
Have you got any of your own tucked away somewhere?

☆ Order Delivery
When something comes in the mail it's so exciting I just want to share the news with everyone.

☆ A Perfect Day
Without failures in your routine, what would happen in an ideal day?

☆ My Pet Peeves
Because I've got plenty. What are yours?

☆ Moving Out of Home
My flatting and boarding experiences.

☆ Hauls
These posts are easy to write and I love them so much.

☆ HOW TO: Be an Adult
I'll wait a while for this one, or else people might get hurt.

☆ Try To Go Vegetarian
Last week I managed a day of being vegetarian, so this would be interesting to do for the experience.

☆ Playlist of my Life
I've had the draft of this for 2 years.

☆ If I was a teacher
What would you teach? What lessons do you think are missing from the curriculum?

☆ What it's like being me.
Does anyone really know what's going on?

So there are many posts that you can look out for in the future. It's amazing that with the internet we can both share helpful information with each other and document our lives as well.
I'm not saying you can expect these posts to all be published next week, but I'm excited so I hope you are too.


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