New Month New Phone

July 31, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Here are three quick tips to declutter your way out of the July blues (I'm in the Southern hemisphere so it's winter, and depressing).

1. Spend some time on Pinterest looking for minimal, organized, clean and clutterfree work spaces. I find that my mood instantly lifts when I see a space with great potential for productivity. Save It, and set it as your home and lock screen background.

2. Remove your unnecessary apps. On Androiddevices you can access your full collection of apps in an automatic folder with no need to put a short cut on your home screen unless you use it often.

3. Pull out the Google Calendar widget onto your home screen. This way you'll instantly be reminded of appointments and how far away certain dates are. I've also made more of the weeks in my final semester of my bachelor's degree. The fact that I can see when my assignments are makes things more real in a good way- allowing a visual to the anxiety in my head.

That white open calendar forces me to realise what I really should be worrying about rather than the 1 hundred projects I also promised myself I would do.

What are your simple tips for clearing a messy head?


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