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My Perfect Post Planner.

March 06, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

You need a place to keep all of your ideas together. Develop your posts in My Perfect Post Planner and see your creativity expand with the freedom to start new projects and posts no matter what else is going on inside your head. My Perfect Post Planner is designed to be every bloggers' best friend, where you can store all of your information, contacts, reminders, to-do lists, and post ideas in the most organised and professional way possible.

What I offer is a detailed guide to creating your own personalised Post Planner, because let's face it; if all this was is a collection of printables you wouldn't want to take them with you everywhere you go in case a new idea springs onto mind when you're away from your computer. 'Do it yourself' means you can include the bits you want and leave out the bits you don't need. It's an absolute win-win.

Why is My Perfect Post Planner perfect for you?
 Organise your posts in a creative and fun way
 Independent of the date or year we're in
 Develop your ideas in the way you want
● Keep all your credentials and website management in one convenient place
 Develop Time Management skills with a simpler way of scheduling
 Never face writers-block in your blogging career ever again
 Quality control; be sure ideas will be well developed before you publish
 Personalise your own planner to your own style
● Develop illustration and fonts for great design and organisation codes
 Control the functions and extensions you wish to include
 End up with a beautiful magazine version of your blog

The DIY Guide is the beta version of My Perfect Post Planner as I hope to have the planner avalible to order in print. In the meantime you have the opportunity to make My Perfect Post Planer perfect for you; your feed back would mean the absolute world to me. Tell me, What features work best? What you would like the planner to include? I'd love you to be involved in the process of taking this to a publisher as the best form the My Perfect Post Planner could possibly be.

So to get started creating your very own My Perfect Post Planner, your PDF guide is avalible to download as your free gift when signing up to The Beka Ellen Mailing List. We can keep talking about the planner and sharing our ideas, and along with that you'll receive updates about the publication of the planner and other projects in the extended Beka Ellen universe, including music, life updates, heaps of recommendations to great resources, and the best advice and lessons from my journey in creative entrepreneurship I can offer. That sound like a Win-Win-Win-Win, if you ask me.

Your Downloadable gift includes
 30 Page PDF Guide to creating your My Perfect Post Planner
 Printable icon sticker sheet / illustration guide
 Printable Quotes to trace or recreate in designing your planner
 All Black'n'White for cheaper, smarter printing
 A Number of Blog Post Ideas you can use for your blog

I can't wait to work with you and share this journey of creating the best post planner, and the most fantastic mailing list, this is genuinely super exciting for me and I hope you are enthusiastic about these projects too. I'll see you over on the mailing list.

xxoBeka Ellen

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