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3 Things I've Learnt about Food

March 11, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Three things I've learned about food and how to consume it better.

Now I'm twenty-one, I've realised I don't know everything. Boo hoo. But here are some things that I do know.

● Meal prepping means that later in the week you don't have to cook so much.
Amazing right! Actually though, it is soooo hard to decide what I want for dinner when I'm just hungry and It's going to take some time before I can actually eat. So fixing up one big pot of soup for example, and cutting your veggies up before your week gets too busy cuts the cooking time in half and the cooking time in half or cut it out all together.

● You don't have to eat a whole meal just because it's that time of day.
I suppose the thinking that we must eat a large lunch and dinner everyday comes from being told that the first meal is so important to get right and you shouldn't miss breakfast. But actually I don't always feel like it. There's nothing wrong with "spoiling your dinner" if you then decide not to have it at all. Just make sure that the snack you spoiled it with wasn't a packet of chocolate biscuits.

● Changing your diet and lifestyle doesn't need to happen over-night.
If you want to swap out junk for healthier options instantly it will feel like a special occasion is happening and when you run out of healthy food you probably won't even buy them again. It's best to focus on swapping out one thing at a time, for instance whole grain bread instead of white, or iced tea instead of soda. But remember to get it again next time. If you want to change your lifestyle you have to slowly make it habit, the rest of your life can be changed if you take a few months to make the healthy changes.

● [Bonus Thing I've Learnt] Have a Master Grocery list.
I never know what to get when I walk strait into the supermarket with my trolley. The best thing since sliced bread however is having a list of things you expect to always have in your pantry and the things you allow yourself to grab on alternating or special weeks. Then you can simply make your one off shopping list from the things that are used up. This way you'll always know what you have and what you can make with it.

Here I include my own Master Shopping List for you to take a look at, edit, and master your kitchen with.

I'd love to know what else you have learned about easy and healthy food, let me know in the comments :)


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