January Favourites

February 03, 2017 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Hey there everybody, it's a new month so I'm going to look back on January and tell you about the things I discovered and loved, should you simply wish to know or if you're wondering what's out there you haven't tried yet.

In the home section of this post I have my printer, my HP LaserJet P1102w.
This baby is wireless and most of the time cooperates with my laptop so I don't have to email everything to my dad's computer to get printed. I've been able to make cards and tags over Christmas too as this printer is not afraid to feed through card. It has defiantly just made things easier and my work is more independent of someone else's toner levels.

Memo Pad by noted

I don't know what it is about having small bits of paper available to write things down on, but I wonder why I haven't had this before.

Art Wall

If you haven't seen already, I have redone my office space and bedroom entirely [Watch Video]. It's so Pinterest, I love my new work space.

Shayda Campbell

I've been finding some brilliant YouTube channels with gorgeous videos which I genuinely recommend you all take a look at. Shayda Campbell teaches the principal of illustration over the scary idea of 'real' drawing, that you just need a little technique and you can make lots of cute drawings. This has been my new skill for the month and I'm actually quite proud of myself.


This fabulous Aussie leads a life I mean to take note from. Sharing productivity tips and adorable seasonal DIYs Rachel's channel is one I'm going to be watching this year with much excitement.


If you are after motivation to think and more simply then Muchelleb has the advice and kick up the ass you need. This beautiful soul has a lot of videos to look back on and she's currently finishing off a monthly challenge titled Simplify Your Life.


Okay so I probably don't know everything about how to use this website but looking at it as a catalog of ideas, reading material, and style inspiration- I'm sure I can't be going wrong.

New Piercings

To mark my passing into adulthood, I have added thirds to my ears. The first piercing came at age 13, three years later at 16 my seconds were done, and now the others are defiantly healed I've got the rest of the set at aged 21. I should try some sleepers perhaps, you know I've never worn them before, at all.

Naive Jumper by Pagani

Sometimes you just need something that makes you feel super cosy. This jumper, with heavy knit and inoffensive colours, has been very welcome this... summer. Honestly, the weather has been dreadful.

Japanese Cheery Blossom Sanitizer by Palmolive

I have been over-using this, to the point where I thought I had caught my sister's eczema. It just smells like candy and perfume. 

NETFLIX Download

Very handy for road trips, this new function of the Netflix app has kept me entertained through the family ventures away from the house.


I used to think this show was so great because it had Stuart Little's dad on it. Nowadays I find the mysteries faced by a diagnostics team is the more fascinating part of this medical drama.

Gossip Girl

I really don't know how I did it but I managed to binge on 2 seasons of Gossip Girl in only a matter of days. I know I have a problem.

Nostalgic 6-in-1 turntable

Why haven't I put this baby first? Having a record player, you'll know if you read my earliest posts, has been a dream of mine ever since I realised they still make them. From Trovoski to Lorde, I can now play my music without being put to shame for my not wanting to bother. With everything right there, why shouldn't I play something while I get ready in the morning? And it's been a huge help for my mental health already; better I let out the tears over a great sad song than in front of everyone and saying it's their fault I'm hormonal.

Camera Purse

Isn't this thing just so cute?! It's perfect for my little photography bits and pieces.


As a person who just needs to dump things out onto a page having a notebook to do both planning and journaling has been quite beneficial thus far. Usually, at the start of a new year, I will find myself a new planner with all the dates set out, but I've never used it because there wasn't enough space. I've stuck to making it easier to find my latest to-do list and facilitated my need instead for being able to jot down my ideas and thoughts wherever I am.
So that's what I've been loving for the last month. How has your new year been? What new discoveries have you made about yourself?


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