Tips for getting through Anxiety.

September 11, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

These are perhaps the same tips as any other blogger would share but I'm really in need of them currently, as I've had a bad few weeks with my anxiety, and I know these work so I should be using them more.

A 'Calm Down' playlist can do absolute wonders. I don't know about everyone else but music has huge effects on my mood and behavior. Sometimes I really just need to put my headphones on for 10 minutes and forget about everything else that's going on. Lauren Aquilina's music goes on that playlist, for sure. Her style of songwriting is very beautiful and controlled.

Being in one place for a long time can become very crippling for your mental health, so get out and get some fresh air, even if it's just for a short walk around the block you'll come back with a better perspective because you know you can step away from your obligations to help yourself first.

The natural behavior of anatomy is that your nose usually has only one nostril open at a time. Seriously, test it. I have found that using the right side opens up my mind's creativity; it's power to come up with all the bad things that might happen. The left side activates my logical mind; the part that says, "you're being ridiculous, just get out of the car." It is very very difficult to breathe through a closed nostril however so really this method is yet to be perfected.

Write Things Down
All of the things you are worrying about are not that bad when you put them down on paper in a clean list. I find that it helps to get it all out if you give every issue an equal bullet point and list off all the reasons why a situation is potentially harmful. You are allowed to have concerns, but you can't let yourself be consumed with worry. Don't keep it inside your head.

Limit Caffeine
Coffee, and sugar too causes us to be jittery. I know it's beautiful and fantastic, but coffee isn't your friend during a spike in anxiety. Just get some decaf.

This is a prescription-free dietary supplement for muscle tension. You need to take one each day for a while to get the full effect. I use them more during one particular end of my cycle to keep myself calm, as well as everyone else around me.

Keep A Diary
Anxiety can largely focus around events you have to go to and being organized for such. Make sure your friends understand that have to book you directly. It's unfair when plans are changed or last minute, and I have recently discovered you can otherwise block Facebook event requests from particular people. My hope is that if someone does really want you to come they will message you directly, actually telling you about the event, as event notifications can be easily missed. I can not tell you how many times my boyfriend has thought I knew about an event because I was invited on Facebook- clearly if I didn't know I was added, then I didn't know about the event at all.

The tingling sensation that goes down your spine, correlated with bliss and happiness. I'm a fan of audible triggers but it's possible to have this sensation from other things such as loved ones making you a hot drink.

Leave Vibrate Off
I can't stand when my phone vibrates because I don't usually get texts unless Levi wants to me to visit or my mother is asking for something. I go on high alert when my phone buzzes because if it's not either of those things it means I have to plan something with someone through Facebook, check my emails, or otherwise reply. Use a calming tone instead, something to make notifications sound less scary.

God has only good things for me so I know I shouldn't be worrying. Meditating on the word or simply listing off all the things you're worried might happen can lift a burden because He will take it for you. Ask for peace and his hopefulness; He's got plenty to give to you.

If all else fails; paint your room pink. Colour science is real, and can have a large affect over someone's heart rate and mood. Pink is the magic colour for feeling calm. For me it also makes me feel excited and hopeful and happy. I know there are people out there who can be offended by the colour pink, but, women in particular, have a subconscious attraction to it because of the effect it has on our mood. Just embrace it because it's good for you. Doctor's orders.

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