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My September Photo Pack.

September 30, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

● Wrote new songs for my Epic Jam setlist.
● Watched Pete's Dragon and missed all the scenes that my friends were in, so I need to go again.
● Saw Bridget Jones' Baby. Hilarious.
● Made lots of Chia Seed pudding, in many different ways, and finally learned what happens when you blend cashews and water for too long; cashew milk!
● Posted on my blog once for every two days. Pat on the back for me :)
● Discovered aliexpress and put in an order for some cute lil things.
● Culled my clothes, jewellery, books, films, and makeup.
● Refined my wardrobe style to only Black, White, Maroon, Naive, and Light Blue. And finally purchased a real clothing rack for my best pieces.
● Collaborated with Connor O'Brien on both our YouTube channels and had a blast. Those vids will be up soon ;)
● Designed MY PERFECT POST PLANNER. This is a note taking system different from any other blog planner or bullet journal. It's about developing your content to guarantee excellent posts every time. That's my project for October, to share it with you through video and downloadable template.
● And looking back on my September Goals, I have stopped taking the pill. Boy, I am so pleased to not feel sick every night anymore.

So that's what I've been up too. Exploring the idea of minimalism by getting rid of possessions that are only taking up space for no good reason.

I hope you enjoy the photos and share with your blogger friends because you can all use them without needing to refer back to me. But that would be nice, just saying.


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