My Phobias.

September 19, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

There's a few things that we all a fearful of that actually don't have power to hurt us, yet for some of us these fears are in fact hitting our chances of reacting "normally" in social situations. These are my phobias...

The anxiety is real, I cannot be in a room with them. They make loud banging sounds, and horrible squeaky noises. I prefer bunting, and lanterns or paper pompoms.

This is disturbance by patterns. My case is specific to animals and living things i.e. the seeds of kiwi fruit, fish eggs, groups of crustaceans on the shore. Often I'm both intrigued and entierly grossed and freaked out by cat tongues and capsicum seeds.

I recently had a nightmare about having to park on a steep street and I refused to stop there.

I keep dreaming that I have to repeat my last year of high school, at the same time as making my classes at polytech. They are in different places an I can't make the commute in only 10 minutes, as I have dreamed I had to do. I did fail year 13, and at the time, considered resisting some classes but I knew I didn't want to go to university so UE wasn't necessary.

Again, something I have had multiple nightmares about; Levi and my mother spring a wedding on me with all the planning to do in less than a day. Sometimes my extended family are already there, sometimes I can't find my camera. More recently I was willing to get married but didn't have intention of us moving in together. Then dream Levi says "oh yea, we'll just do it a couple times a week, and call it a marriage. Like what? Excuse me subconscious, what are you trying to tell me?

I'm going to round this out with something a little more life threatening. I don't want to admit this, as I see it as significant weekness but I really like the ground, a lot more than being up somewhere high. The worst part is, I get something I call "lazy foot." This is probably more commonly known as panic, but my limbs sort of give way and I don't get to have control anymore. Only until recently did I realise this was a fear of mine but, I don't like to be up high. However I usually trust harnesses so this shouldn't apply if I'm abseiling.

So am I crazy, or just weird to have these sorts of fears, What do you think? I don't mind spiders, so long as there's only one. Can you relate to hating balloons? So many people are surprised by that but I am genuinely getting uncomfortable thinking about them.

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