August Favourites.

September 01, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 1 Comments

This month brought the snow with it, as per usual. The photo above was taken at midday, just so you understand why I'm on a prescription for Vitamin D. The snow was hella deep for a couple days and Levi brought his little sister to my parents house to see it. She later made a 'thank you' card at girl guides, that reads:

[include picture here]

For those of you that haven't clicked; she hasn't. The girlfriend of her brother is my parents blimmin' daughter.

Anyway, I am going to take a deep breath and move on to this months favourites...

*     *     *

Room flip.
I did this at my board home by rotating the bed, and I have bought a few new things for the room. I feel with the bed on one end of the room there is more space in the middle and I like it better being able to see the door from where I sleep. I do a room flip a few times a year. It gives me a new perspective on life that I need. Here are the new things;
Vase $5 - Because I don't have one of my own. In the past, flowers from Levi have stood in an empty chocolate biscuit tin. 
Raspberry Reed Defuser $6 - I'm not allowed to burn candles. frowny face.

Parrot Cushion $12 - Isn't that just the cutiest? The best part about these things is I now have them for all my future homes too.
Graphic throw blanket [SALE] $8 - Snuggling up in this thing makes me feel like a child and a cat and so very very happy. It's amazing.

Rose Canvas Print $15 - Because I need more pink in my life. It's true and I'm not going to deny myself happiness. There's a science behind women liking pink because it calms our anxiety.

Pokemon Go.
Yes, I got sucked in. I'm now at level 22 and my best Pokemon is a 1300cp Rydon.

Ali-A is YouTuber of the month as I have been following his journey on his second channel, along with playing it myself. Also if I was to get a dog I'll be after a cavalier king Charles spaniel like little Eveey.

Orchard Thieves Cider.
A fantastic affordable beverage of my great liking. Comes in Blackberry & Elderberry, Feijoa & Lime, Mandarin & Lime, Peach & Passionfruit, Redberries, and Tropical.
This is a website to download and upload scores in midi format. With Sibeleus 7 on my laptop I don't have to worry about the configuration when I open a score to edit it. I intend next to send it to garageband to mix backing music for future covers.

Heroes is TV show of the month, as I have been continuing from where I left off a number of months ago. What's interesting about the story telling is that it is full of momentary loopholes but I've learned to not be bothered by it. I enjoy that when an episode is left, the next one will start on the same scene with different lines and details in the edit.

Caramel Latte & Salted Caramel Whirl KitKat.
They are both simply incredible. I only really like milky coffee.

My Boyfriend.
Going on 22 months now. I still really need to take my bitch tablets, but I love him to bits. More than anything on this list ♡

*     *     *

This year is really going by wheather I want it to or not. God help me. I'm not really sure how to finish this one. Leave a comment. I do love to hear from you.

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  1. You gave new life to your room by just flipping your bed and adding up some more decoration pieces and tadaa your room is all new. Sometimes these type of changes are good to happen.