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June 02, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

This year really is moving very fast but I'm happy to have caught these things into my hot little hands as the last month rushed past.

I know it's full of sugar but I've decided I don't care; I will start my day with sweet crunchy cereal. And by that I mean to classify muesli as it's on sub group of breakfast food that cereal doesn't include. Cereal is the ones that children are the target market for.

Blog Planners.
Now this month I actually printed out a blog planner enough to plan for next year's posts, so obviously I want to continue blogging for a while. However, I managed to write enough posts and have them scheduled to leave my blog lane to post on it's own. But that menace I have actually not been here for ages and I don't like that reality, because I feel like I've been absent. I'm happy to be getting back into it. I will share with you the blog planner I'm using is the ultimate blog planner from DESIGNERBLOGS.COM

EveryDayJim and Martha the Minutre Daxin.
This is my Vlog favourite of the month and also I just want to give as much love as possible to Martha for them both making me smile and simply feel happy and cozy as it's been getting colder here.

The Recoupes
This is Louie, Oli, Michael & Alan. This month it was their EP that I was singing along to, that's right I'm not actually singing randomly with headphones on, there is music playing. The Recoupes sound is so British, so punk/rock/pop, the kind I want to be writing and I'm feeling creatively constipated not having the skills to, but I know that it just comes with practice. Go check out their music because these babes (and I mean that as in they're young, and probably still think that the world is kind) have a big future in the ahead of them.

When actually is the right season for this herb to grow? It does well all the time. Anyway I'm just a big fan of using it in my food to the point of telling you here in my favourites post.

L'oreal Timeless Rose.
This is more of a wish list item because I don't even have it but the colour is so nice. Really this is my ultimate lip colour for me. I do really love pink things. I need more pink in my life.

Being wrapped up.
Because I am living next door to Antarctica it's cold. Scratch that, it's blimin' freezing. I have to water my car in the morning to get into it. I'm not having fun with this weather at all but I'm attempting to manage it especially with this scarf from my grandmother and coat that I bought with my Mum. I've been looking for a classic coat like Kate Middleton is known for wearing, for a couple of years now and I now have one to wrap up in this winter.

Lots of love to you dear reader, I hope you are doing well.


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