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how to write the best favourites post.

June 07, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 3 Comments

In this world there are so many products, so many clothes, so much music, food, and other things to enjoy and be inspired by, and it's hard to keep track of them all. We bloggers love to write about the things that we are currently loving and I find the best monthly favourites are the ones that have a few 'random' items in there. Here, I have put together the ultimate list of the things you might otherwise miss the chance of including. It's always good to check, for the best recount of your life's endeavours and mystical sparkles.

Blogger - Who is inspiring you?
Post - What have you learned, or enjoyed reading most?
YouTuber - Who is making you excited for new things in your own life?
Video - Which one made you laugh most?
Instagram - Who is giving you instafeed envy?

Fashion icon or Look - You might find them anywhere, on a blog or in a TV show.
Item - Is it those shoes or the new top that make you excited to get dressed in the morning?
Makeup Look or Tutorial - Who's make up are you coveting most, the cat-eye or sharp cheek bones?
Product - What smells the best and stays on longest? We all love a trusted blogger pals review.

Music - What newly discovered album or artist have you had on repeat?
Movies - What have you gone out to see, or which old classic has warmed your heart recently?
TV Show - There's got to be one you're just desperate to see the next episode of?
Book - What have you finally finished reading or got to a good part of?
Magazine - Which one had the most helpful or insiteful articles this month?

Think fast, what was the best meal, desert, cooking tip and snack you found this month?

Direction - What's the new advise you want to follow?
Photography - What is the best stock photo you've found?
Design Tricks - How do your photos look so uniform?
Font - What stunning calligraphy have you been over using lately?

Any new furniture you want to share?
Devices or Apps to recommend?
What pinterest ideas are you looking to try?
What has been your favourite verse or quote to get you through the day?
Tell us about your new fragrance obsession.
What's your favourite colour? Seriously mine changes every month.

Please tell me if this has been helpful. I'd love a link to your favourites post.
And Is there anything else you think this ultimate list needs?


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