the relationship tag.

May 25, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Question 1: If your relationship was a published story would it be a Book, Movie, TV Show or News Paper Article?
Levi: TV Show.

Question 2: What genre best fits your relationship;
                      A) Romantic-Comedy
                      B) Thriller
                      C) Drama
                      D) Horror
                      E) X-Rated
                      F) Shakespeare?
Rebekah: Drama.

Question 3: Would it be a Best-Seller/ Blockbuster Franchise, Moderate sales or nobody except your mum would watch/read it?
Rebekah: Not even I would watch it.
Levi: Yea, I think nobody except my mom.

Question 4: Does your relationship prove or disprove that being mean means they like you?
Rebekah: A bit. I'm mean because I'm comfortable.
Levi: Beka, you're a poo-bum.

Question 5: Is this relationship similar, exactly the same or something completely new to what you expected being in love to be like?
Levi: No [I'm not answering first].
Rebekah: Fine... *sigh*. No It's nothing like I expected.
Levi: The answer is 12... Similar, I guess.

Question 6: Do you find that the two of you prove or disprove that opposites attract?
Rebekah: I think we are really similar.
Levi: We both have noses, yes.

Question 7: Use a face-morph app to see what your children will look like;

Question 8: If your relationship was a superhero comic who would be the damsel in distress?
Levi: You're a big baby, you would need more saving.

Question 9: Which of these shapes best describes your relationship and why?
Levi: Spiky one.
Rebekah: The dragon egg. Because it looks like a dumb rock but there's something magical inside.
Question 10: Who of you is the cat, and who is the dog? There can only be one of each.
Levi: I am the dog, Beka is the cat.
Beka: Yup.

Question 11: If your relationship was a human being how would they get on in The Hunger Games?
Levi: I would win because I am competitive and athletic, and Beka has read all the books.
Rebekah: Really though if it was just me, I would do terribly. I would kill when I had to but I haven't done it before so I just don't know. The arenas are different every time so that would be a significant factor of how well I would do.

Question 12: Do you think, if you have lived in other times, that you met each other in a previous life?
Levi: I've no idea.
Beka: We could have been brother and sister. I know I would have been against him, as in I didn't like him.

I hope you have found this entertaining. I actually wrote this tag myself, the original post is linked here for you to copy the questions to do it all yourself.


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