5 things different from what i expected.

May 22, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

It turns out that nothing in life happens as you expect it will. You can make plans for yourself but the rest of the world isn't necessarily going to know what they are. Here are 5 things that have been different from what I expected them to be in my life...

I don't actually know what I'm doing now. I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Contemporary Music, but this degree is not actually going to get me a job. At lease not on it's own.

I actually don't see them anymore. You never know at the beginning of a relationship how well it will really go or how long it will last. Friendships are a particular type of relationship, and it is no exception to this rule. You can't control what happens to each other and the changes that will occur in their lives.

No haters, but also no connection with audience. I thought I would get a lot of hate comments over the 3ish years I have had videos on youtube, but the internet isn't actually that bad. However there hasn't been lots of comments at all. It turns out that drawing in traffic is half the work.

The work is actually in staying in a good mood. Na, I don't know. I think what I expected of having a boyfriend was it would be easier, that I would still be aloud time to think about myself. But I found someone who doesn't know how to be happy spending their free time on their own. It just just turns out that it's not a part gig at all.

I feel very unstable living in this city. I thought I was going to thrive and be top of the class in this course but instead I feel like I've been squashed like a bug. I didn't think I would be dependent on medication to get through the winter. People say that 19-22ish is a time for self discovery. Seriously I'm over it. I know who I am, and what is different from what I expected is only that I'm not actually feeling like I'm meant to be here anymore.

        The best thing that comes out of all of this I think, is that blogging is also not what I thought it was. When I first started posting here I though being depressing was okay, but I know it's not always fun to read. It never is. I'm still learning about the world and I'm going to care for myself along the way.

What have you discovered to be different from what you expected? Can you relate to any of these things?


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