15 Signs of a Woman's Body Language & What They Mean

February 13, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

Some of these are already proven body language signs and some of these I found by observing my own behaviour. Sometimes I'm the only one to notice but if you look closely you'll see...

#1. Suddenly shaking my head without apparent reason, or chomping down my jaw - this happens after having a bad idea or memory of making mistakes and feeling convicted or embarrassed and I've decided it was a very bad idea.

#2. When hungry I often find myself chewing on the inside of my mouth.

#3. Holding my hair over my mouth is to prevent talking before I think of what I should actually say.

#4. Hands rubbing face like a child when they're tired - means tired or sometimes comfortably warm but mostly needing sleep.

#5. Gripping my hair like it's a rope happens when I'm cold.

#6. Eyebrows quickly raised individually, to keep eyes open because I'm so tired. It happens most while driving or reading in bed before knocking off.

#7. Right eyebrow raised and sits for a second means that what I'm seeing or what we're talking about is inappropriate and I'm feeling uncomfortable. In the same situation, I sometimes shiver when it's not even cold.

#8. Hands touching face to almost cover mouth means that I'm unsure. Touching your face is usually a tell that someone is lying but I don't often like to lie, and I'm terrible at it. For me having my hand in the way is to stop myself saying something too soon, without being sure.

#9. Hands running through each other is a cold thing or because I'm anxious/nervous/uncomfortable. Breathing will also be heavier so it's not hard to tell.

#10. The flex - When your back slightly stretches while your arms go in the air or hands move back behind the neck or crossed forearms sit on top of your head. This is something that happens in a conversation or while watching something I'm interested in, and it says I'm open to the current suggestion or topic and that I want to see how it goes.

#11. Scuffing my feet while I walk happens when I'm in a happy mood and thinking of lovely things like sweetly kissing my boyfriend.  It's the good, excited, scared, wondering feelings of loveishness.

#12. While reading a book lying on my bed, I find that I also sometimes scrunch my toes, bringing my big toe back and forth, when I'm content and happy. Obviously, this wouldn't happen while reading a horrible part of a book, but I've recently found that if I've got bare feet I will do it even while standing when excited.

#13. *DEEP BREATH - SIGH* When I let go of a deep breath of air it often takes something else with it. It's letting go of something that was troubling, unrealistic or out of good timing i.e. was going to argue but I decided not to. My boyfriend, Levi knows this and often asks what I was thinking about after I sigh- but the trouble is, I'll usually have forgotten. It's something that only women do, apparently.

#14. Hands on hips is for when I'm waiting. I have done all I can myself and answers must now come from someone else. 'I don't know - take over please.'

#15 Being reckless and/or throwing things happens when I don't care much about anything or I'm feeling hurt i.e. film festival flyers ending up tossed all over the road. It is a sad time and either it needs to be waited out and give some time to be frustrated or things need to be said sooner to fix it.

So do you do any of these things too? Do the women around you? And what other things have you noticed about yourself while attempting to grow up? Tell me below in the comments :)


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