my 2016 summer favourites.

March 19, 2016 Rebekah E. Goodall 4 Comments

Here're some of the things I discovered, loved and felt inspired by during the recent months of summer. And because I'm a songwriter I should do well to start with the music I enjoyed at this time;

Justin Bieber's Purpose album just sounds incredible. There are never words to describe the feelings that music creates inside my chest, and these songs do it well to make me speechless.

I made it my mission to learn all the words to Chewing Gum in one day. Nina Nesbitt is just so brilliant. She doesn't release anything I don't have an immediate passion for. BONUS love for this song because Nina uploaded to her personal YouTube channel an explanation of the writing process and how it came from something completely different but like a stone turning in a barrel of diamond dust (sounds expensive doesn't it - it's real) after a year of editing and trailing it has come out shiny.

Rekorderlig cider, just so yummy. Only available in New Zealand unfortunately but worth the trip over. I have been exploring the fact that I am apparently an adult and that means I can drink alcohol. This is where I will stay for a while though, I don't need anything stronger.

Thanks to this home tint kit by 1000HOUR you can actually see my eyebrows. So much easier to fill in when I know where they are meant to be.

My Instagram! I have been loving taking and posting new pictures every day. Just another creative outlet and it all just looks so pretty.

My blog!!!!!! I haven't posted so often and so intentionally before. This used to be a place I would come to when I was feeling down. Now it is a place to come when I feel inspired. I love the new design which took me hours and hours and hours to get right, and now I simply want more and more beautiful things to put on it.

For my birthday present, Levi took me to see The Fifth Wave. Very well put together, though directed at a young audience of teen to young adult, I am not ashamed to say I liked it. The ending may be upsetting to some people but I understand that this is not a full story, the intention is to portray a single section of time and describe the stagnant situation as a painting. Really this poster image is all that happens in the movie and you just get the explanation of who these people are and what they are doing.

I watched Breakfast at Tiffiany's and enjoyed it. It's the story of a young adult making herself a life in manhattan and I would love for my generation to know Holly in a 21st-century remake. It's a fabulous story of mistakes, which would speak well to our age group (20s), I just think the filmmaking tools from the time and the character development could do with some work.

This is Dave from BoyInABand. He made lots of videos last year that I just find very thrilling to watch as he is very sure and enthusiastic about what he is talking about. I hadn't seen Don't Stay In School, but I would recommend it to anyone to see his perspective of the education curriculum.

I cut my hair shorter. And I've had a heap of fun trying out new styles with it.

I've loved thrift-shopping. I picked up these beauties in Dunedin and even though they are heals (which I buy a lot of from opshops and not actually wear) they are really comfy.

And I have got into having my nails always painted. This is my favorite look which I created as a dupe for 'Little Prince George' by Gelicious - I do not have the money for a single bottle of any O.P.I products. Instead, this is Kleancolor 'Pastel Blue' and 'Aurora'. 

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  1. you're a song writer! that's so wonderful! i've always wanted to be one but never really explored the option of going down that path.

    1. We do of course need people to just enjoy the music too ­čśë I am intending to write up a few posts to do with songwriting though. Maybe that will inspire you to take up a new hobby.

  2. I love Justin Bieber's new album too, which is really weird for me to say! I also happen to be in LOVE with Instagram, and spend far too much money thrift shopping, which means it's bad considering how cheap everything is!
    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! I love reading your posts and thought you deserved it! You can find more details in my latest post!

    --Corin | All Paths Lead to Wonderland

    1. You are such a gem, Corin. Thank you so much for all your support, it means such a lot to me to have you on the other side of the planet yet close to my heart.