june favourites.

July 05, 2014 Rebekah E. Goodall 0 Comments

❤ My Favourite YouTubers of the last month have been:

Dan & Phil
DanIsNotOnFire and AmazingPhil are actually separate YouTube channels but these guys live together in London and their stories just make me laugh. I think (if my dad had let me watch Pokemon as a kid) I would be a lot like them. At least I would defiantly fight Phil over who is the bigger Buffy lover of us.

and Rebecca Black
You know who she is but do you really know her? I actually love this girl with all my heart, She's free spirited and fun. We know she made it on the scene with Friday in 2011 but since then she has redeemed herself and shown that she is a real person just like you and me.

❤ Favourite Cosmetic Products:

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow - Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
I was waiting for this to arrive in the mail for more than 2 months and I'd given up on it actually coming. I haven't actually been very obsessed about makeup lately. I know that will change soon though ;-)

❤ Favourite iPhone App:

However I actually have not had it in the last couple of weeks because I ended up thinking about it too much. We shouldn't obsess over followers like I almost ended up doing.

❤ Favourite Song:

Problem - Ariana Grande
I heard about this song when it wasn't even out yet but I wasn't particularly interested until I saw the video. It's fun, it's fresh and I love to see that girl breaking out of the ditzy character of Cat from the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. As much as I enjoy and relate to that character, not being understood, I like seeing Ariana showing some power.

❤ Favourite Song of Mine:

My Story
I know in the past my music has brought tears to other people but I don't think one song has ever drawn so much emotion on myself. This is a song that argues my efforts now with my future. It's going to be wonderful and I'm so excited but I shouldn't forget to enjoy the ride.

❤ Fan of the month:

Aside from the wonderful support I've been getting from other people, I want to say that I am my biggest fan. I love my music and that is saying something; I can write it well. I don't have a favourite and specific genre, I just write whatever some comes next and add it to the pile. I have been sitting at the old family piano a bit in this last week and I have realised that I can do some amazing things. I do want to learn to play soon and I'v been thinking about the goals I want to set for the next few years. But we'll see. In the end I need to love myself a bit more and so I will be taking the honour this month as fan of the month ;-)

❤ And my Favourite emoji:

I just had to through this into the monthly favourites because I was using this a lot recently. It's the eyes open kissy face but I think it is more of a 'I can't decide' face or 'so what do you think about that' face. I've heard that in the next month there will be another set of emojies coming out which is very exciting I think. I know it's a weird thing to be excited about but because we have all gotten used to the first ones and we've imagined there being more, it builds the anticipation. Like a sequel to a movie that wasn't a book first. So how are you meant to know what's going to happen???!

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