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Hi Everybody :-D

I know it's already been May for a week so this is pretty late, and it's meant to be a video but I figured I could make a blog instead. I'm still having issues with my computer so I can't make edited videos. However that should all be sorted soon (hey why isn't there a *fingers crossed* emoji?) ­čîč

I'm about to tell you about the things in all general life that has stuck out for me and that I've most enjoyed. I'll start with beauty products to get the ball rolling. I don't mean to be a beauty guru but I love make-up so if I want to talk about it I will...

First is my Revlon COLORSTAY Lipgloss in Peony Pivoine #008 I did show this in my concert makeup haul and it's just been my go to lip product since I bought it.

Peony Pivoine 008

Also featured in my concert haul that I've loved a lot in the last month has been my CLARINS PARIS Instant Light Complexion Perfection primer. I was reluctant to pay 64NZD for this but it does the job of a primer well and evens out some of my skin tone even before foundation as well as filling in places. With my skin issues nothing can make me look 'air-brushed' but this primer helps.

It all starts with a good base

I've also really liked using my Revlon COLORSTAY liquid eyeliner. Despite the commonly known issues people have with applying liquid eyeliner I have found it quite easy to put on so maybe I'm just a natural or this is a particularly good liquid eyeliner.

Blackest Black

For skin care products I've really only had these as an option as my makeup collection is rather basic (though I've been shopping, so a haul will soon be in order) but for moisturizer I've been using the essano Regenerating Facial Moisturiser. Funny story, on the night of the concert (my first which I and a team of lovely people and friends of mine, helped to organise) it may have been the first time I actually used it, which in future I will not repeat because I've learnt my lesson. My face actually reacted to it quite unexpectedly. Of course I didn't panic, the redness all over my face may have stayed but I figured like with a few moisturizers I've tried in the past, that has happened before and I should have time to see if it will go down. Luckily it did.

With using the essano regenerating facial moisturiser in the Rosehip range I think the redness that occurred may have just been a good thing happening. Though not seen at the time. From the same range I've more recently been using the Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser. I've not really been one for using a daily facial cleanser 'daily' but since I've started doing so I think I have noticed a difference in the healing of my skin. My whole lifestyle should change really, I should maybe do some moving around and regular exercise, but at least I may be more in the habit of doing this.

I also want to mention the Dove nutritive therapy hair serum. I always use this in the ends of my hair while it's still amp and I don't know what it is, maybe my hair's just got longer so there's more weight to it, but this serum defiantly helps keep my hair from getting tangled and keeps it looking healthy. The pulling motion I sometimes do to get it though my hair may be why my hair has been sitting straighter too.

Most played iPhone app for a change in screen, not that I have an iPhone I use a SAMSUNG, but I am attached to my iPod half the time I'm awake since I first had it in March last year. Anyway my favourite app is Dots. I know it's not the newest app around and my highest ever score is only a little over 400 but I find that playing it for a visual learner like me, it opens up my ears to listen to something because my brain is working already. Usually I hate listening to someone talk and talk. It drives me crazy and I don't take it all in. But when I'm playing Dots I find that I can actually pay more attention to someone reading me a book aloud or an audio podcast. So if you are a visual learner like me then this simple game could help I think, best in collage lectures. If you're allowed digital devices in class defiantly give it a try. I also find that I can recall what I last heard while playing the game when I play it again, so it helps with memory too.

Dots - I've had it on the Christmas version all year.

Now on to music;

I have to say that New Empire have defiantly done very well in their new album In A Breath. I've raved about it a bit already but you should defiantly check out there music. They're a soft rock, singer/songwriter band from Australia and I saw them live in 2010. I've loved them ever since. This album I recommend for those long car rides or when you're just chilling in your room. Some of these songs are quite moving too and I've experienced both tears and chills all down my spine while listening to it.

New Empire
In A Breath

My favourite song of my own composition goes to a song called 'Every Cloud'. I haven't yet given you the chance to hear it but I promise to in the future. This song uses a lot of imagery and I love the story it tells, there would be so many opportunities for a music video. This song I wrote, intended to be a duet because it has two different sides to the story telling. Maybe I'll get Ed Sheeran to sing it with me ­čśë I also experimented more with an indie rock style and I just really love it. I'm excited about where my music will be going in the future and I can't wait to get other people involved in the writing process and to learn new things myself.

Every Cloud by Beka Ellen
Guitar Cords

Favourite movie in this first 'month of favourites' is Divergent. Obviously. It wasn't out on New Zealand screens until April 10 but it was worth the wait. The music was incredible and the cast is brilliant and the set and graphics are stunningly believable. This movie was so well done and I mostly love how the script was so faithful to the book.

Favourite YouTuber - I have to do this, I tell myself, it's only fitting- I'm just love love loving Zoella. I know it must be slightly predictable as my videos are slightly similar to those of that youtubing community. But Zoella has been inspiring me most lately and I just enjoy watching her videos a lot. So I thank her for the beauty advice and the entertainment.

And to bring this favourites video .. What no it's a blog! Get with it Beka. Haha. I would like to make a thing of addressing my most impacting and/or 'I would like to thank' and/or most memorable Fan Interaction. At this point in time I think I could count the people who would be my "fans" on my fingers, and most of these people are my close friends but this is why I love the opportunities found through social media. So my favorite fan of the mouth is this guy, Danny Rob,  who sent me this brilliant note after checking out my free downloads from my website.

Thank you so much, Danny :-) It's nice to know someone else thinks I'm doing an alright job. Haha.

I hope have learnt something from my April favourites. Please head over to my YouTube channel and Subscribe. There you can have a listen to some on my music and other chatty videos. Otherwise I have my first project available for free from bekallen.bandcamp.com and fans/supporters can send their feedback to hello@bekaellen.com

Thanks For Reading



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